Mosaic: T minus 44 hours

I have a well-tiled base now, I just need to build on it.  Mosaic now fills in patterns of tiles when you enclose a space, destroying any enemies within, and it does it rather prettily I must say!  Only two basic enemies in so far, but more will come.  There are command sequences too – do certain moves in a row and it’ll have a bigger effect.

Mosaic roguelike pattern
Measly enemy, what are you in the face of beauty?!

Want to have a play?  Well here’s the current build.  There’s still much to do, but it should give an idea of how the game will feel.  Any problems let me know!  Just Windows for now – I’ll have OSX and Linux ready on Sunday.

There’s a heavy question mark over whether or not I can get sounds in the way I want them.  Will have to see how much time I have…  But in terms of central gameplay it will all be there.  And I’m rather enjoying how this is turning out  🙂

Author: darrengrey

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