Operation Roboid: #7DRL Edition – Day 5.



Wow, this is getting tricky to do in 7 days! (Especially after starting two days late.)

I’ve managed to plumb in a lot of AI, and now the enemy bots try and navigate around the world, and try to track the player.

They also try and attack, but this is still quite lacking/broken.

I’ve done some experimentation with 3D dungeon generation. My experiments have somewhat failed. I think for the remainder of the challenge I will flatten the world to a single floor and just generate walls & doorways.

I think I was being overambitious to think I could write 3D dungeon-Gen and clever/fun A.I.  all within 5 days.)

If I switch to a basic 1 (or two at a stretch) number of floors, it will give me a few more much needed hours to refine the AI a bit and hopefully get something fun out of it.

Here is a quick vid of progress so far:  Day-5

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