Peli – Day 6.9 – AI, gameplay and polish


Play it now, or poke around the source code.

Took the day off work to blast through my wish list on Peli. It was a wise choice. Implemented AI, items and weapons, damage system, combat indicators, intro/death/exit screens, music and sound effects. Phew. There’s definitely strategy involved when you play now – do you go to attack the rat for its meat, or the goblin for its clothes? Regardless, don’t let the skeleton get you… not until you hit level 3 anyway.

Is this finished? Well, maybe. Game balance and levelling still needs plenty of tweaking, but it’s more than playable and feels, dare I say it, fun.

(and the music is amazing. I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s the fine work of Edward Shallow. Absolutely wonderful stuff that I’ve used for my own soundtrack as I made Peli, alongside Disasterpeace and Lifeformed).

(it would also be unfair to not mention the wonderful Morf – Peli doesn’t have the same brilliant gameplay, but I found a huge amount of inspiration in the look and feel of the game. Go play it, it’s lovely).

So I’ve still technically got 8 hours to go, but I need sleep. I’m still clinging onto hope that I get a few more hours tomorrow for some tweaking, but frankly it seems unlikely at this point. Today has been 14 hours of effort. I think that takes the total to something in the high twenties. I’ve surprised myself at how much seems to have been done – after years of game making procrastination.

Anyway, I want to do a full witter about the experience at some point over the weekend. I’m really chuffed that I managed to get a game out of this. I hope other people can get some enjoyment out of it 🙂

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