Rodney – Day 6

WE NEED PLAYTESTERS! Please help out trying , report your findings at or via email, thank you!

Day 6

  • Show skill info on selection screen
  • Add blood
  • Add light sources
  • Chat (in-dev)
  • Add final boss
  • Generate items of different qualityday6-2 day6-1

1 thought on “Rodney – Day 6”

  1. It’s very shiny and I like it being web-based. Ran into a few oddities though:
    – Occasionally key presses are duplicated. Most noticeable on the menus.
    – At one point I tried to access my inventory, leveled up instead, and suddenly I was in a completely different room. I’m not sure what happened there.
    – I managed to walk through a wall once. I think the input was lagging slightly, but it was really unexpected. I got outside of the room and couldn’t figure out how to get back in so I reloaded the page.

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