“Back Up”: Success!

Worked right up up until the last minute but calling this a success although it may turn out on the easy side on a full play-through. Balancing it was the last task so fell a bit short there.

We have everything in that was planned except a class system. Considering the state it was in 24 hours ago due to 2 days lost to GUI confusion, I thought this may have to have been a fail, but we got everything else in that was planned. We even managed to get persistent levels to allow you to go back and finish exploring/killing ones you didn’t do enough on.

Challenge version of the game. Play it very soon!
Challenge version of the game. Play it very soon!

The plot remains the same as planned. You are a bored level 35 dungeon boss that decides to retire and live in the human world. So you have to level down instead of up and dump your epic armour in favour of worse gear on the way back out of the dungeon whilst fighting adventurers trying to get in. There is mechanism to stop you going onwards if your gear is too good so you have no choice but to get rid of it. You also stop getting loot if you hit too hard as an extra incentive.

We have no plans to carry on with this although may do a 1.1 release in a few weeks to add the missing class system, a few simple bits we would like to add personally  and fix bugs.

Personal firsts achieved: First 7DRL!, First Roguelike at all, First complete Java program.

Will also have the code up on GitHub today I hope. Also may try to compile it for the web if it doesn’t complain too much.


Download it and try it out now!

.tar.gz version

.zip version

Update 2

Source – https://github.com/Stratofish/BackUp

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