7DRL Success! ‘Caverns of Shrug’ (www.unusualcadence.com)

Hello! I’ve uh, completed my 7 day game. I say ‘completed’, because it’s a rough old thing that is about as untested as… well, a 7 day game! But it’s fun (I think) and playable until the engine spits out a level with dodgy spawn point.

The game is called ‘Caverns of Shrug‘! Descend in to the depths of the underworld, battling spiders, zombos, sluggymen and other assorted baddies in an action-adventure-like rougelike-like. Yeah!

Go to www.unusualcadence.com to play it in your browser now! Tweet @unusualcadence with any bugs, impossible levels, crashes, and general horrible crap you experience while playing. I’ve still technically got 12 hours to fix this stuff and I’d like to get rid of any showstoppers. And maybe add a ‘game over/restart’ screen and saving. MAYBE.

But for now I’m going to bed. Enjoy!

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