7DRL Success: Fisticuffsmanship

Play at: http://tametick.com/fisticuffs/ (htm5/js, should work on any modern browser including ios/android).

YOUR POSITION MATTERS: pay attention to your defense value on the left, it’s better to have a wall at your back than an enemy.

EVERY ACTION COUNTS: the way you move through the fight will affect your chances of victory. Check the message log to see what action bonuses your moves trigger.

KNOW YOUR WEAPON: your weapon’s defense and attack value fluctuates based on usage – learn the pattern for each weapon to maximize the damage you deal.

4 thoughts on “7DRL Success: Fisticuffsmanship”

  1. It’s fun but a bit small on the screen. Is there a way to zoom it? Also that font! Hehe. Bit tough on the eyes.

    All in all I thought the idea altering your stats based on positions and movement to be good and I would be surprised if a version of this mechanic didn’t pop up in more roguelikes in the future.

    I was actually going to have a positional mechanic in my own game, just a minor one. I was going to have patches of water in the game, and if you fight while standing in one and your opponent isn’t, you get some minus to some stat(s), while if both you and opponent are in there, it cancels out, but there were going to be some aquatic creatures that would get a bonus in water and a negative if you forced them out.

  2. Yeah, the small size was to make sure it’s compatible with phones (320×480), on firefox you can just press ctrl&plus to increase the font size (disabled for web-kit based browsers because it messes with phone orientation changes).

  3. “This is easy”, I smirked to myself as I backed myself against the wall and let the enemies come to me. Then, a couple of levels down I utterly got my arse handed to me 🙂

    Neat game 🙂 Congrats!

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