7DRL Success: Liberation of Yarna

Youtube video (very short, i haven’t time to upload longer): youtu.be/9ujo67eAtcY

Download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/rubyrl/files/Yarna_7drl.zip/download

My aims for this project was to create roguelike about saboteur in interesting setting, with complex behavior of creatures. Citizens should go from work to home and back to work (sometimes going to shop for an items), police partol streets checking documents and react cleverly to any detected crime, seeking tracks leading to player.

I have a playable game with battle system, basic map generation and basic AI at day 2 already. The rest of the time i “wasted” improving map generation and trying to add complex behavior. At the 24 hours before deadline AI was finally working and i have a time to add something to the gameplay. So I’ve added two types of missions (bombing a factory and killing teleporting mediums), help and polished ui.

Now the game is complete, but of course it isn’t as shiny as i imagined it. Citizens do go to the work and to home, but player will unlikely see it – he sees just useless letters, sitting in houses, sleeping in factories and rarely walking on the street. Police do patrol streets and cleverly react to detected crimes (but this part was simplified a lot). But player see just those annoying letters checking his documents at every step, but failing to properly enter a door because they are doing clever “patrol simulation” instead.

But even with these problems game is definitely complete and fun. Well, it is fun if you have decent pc (so it don’t lag every turn).

Some words about my tools.

1. I’m using Ruby, and it is imo a best programming language. Sweet syntax constructions, true OOP, friendly libraries. Maybe it’s not fast and is not well supported by corporations, but who cares. Let Python or C# conquest the world, it won’t stop me from using this wonderful language.

2. I’m using JetBrains RubyMine as IDE. It has some bugs, but still much better then NetBeans or Eclipse.

3. For output i’m using bearlib as a replacement for famous libtcod. The cause is that bearlib has “out-of-box” TrueType and UTF8 support and nice looking non-square tiles, and libtcod fonts are either too smal either ugly. So i recommend Bearlib to everybody who wants Unicode TrueType fonts in their roguelikes. Well, i WILL recommend, because now it’s only in the development and lacks documentation.

And finally i want to say about great Russian writer, Яна Завацкая. Her books about Quirine are just great, i just have no words to desribe it.

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