7DRL Success: Now Hiring: Zookeepers

My first attempt at the 7DRL was a mild success! I say mild because I had to really narrow my scope down due to time limitations. You can play my game, “Now Hiring: Zookeepers”, here. The game is rather simple, as it is the first roguelike I have ever developed, and leaves a bit desired, but it is still a finished game.

screenThe goal of the game is to capture as many animals as you can in a single play through. You are armed with just tranquilizer darts, and chocolate chip cookies. The darts put animals to sleep, allowing you to capture them while the cookies act as bait, attracting all animals in the stage to the cookies’ delicious scent. Experienced gamers will immediate notice the inspirations from the original “Zelda”, “Binding of Isaac”, and even “Zaga-33”. The graphics are very Zelda-like, while the game controls similarly to the Binding of Isaac, and the condensed level-based structure is inspired by Michael Brough’s “Zaga-33”.

My goal was to finish my game in the 168 hours. I work a full time job during the day, and it has kept me quite busy lately, so I was only able to put about 26-28 hours into my 7DRL entry. If I had more time I would have added a few more enemies with variation from the existing enemies, better level generation (it is rather bland) and an upgrade system. However, I knew time was scarce, and I really narrowed my scope down to a playable game. This scope includes the playable character, just a few enemies, slightly random, endless levels and some polish. The game would benefit with a bit more balance, as I feel it is either too easy or too unfair at times.

I hope you get to play my 7DRL! I didn’t go the route of a traditional roguelike, but instead opted for real-time combat as seen in The Binding of Isaac. “Now Hiring: Zookeepers” may be a bit too simple, but it was still a lot of fun to make in the seven days. I look forward to playing the other entries!

2 thoughts on “7DRL Success: Now Hiring: Zookeepers”

  1. Good job! This is quite a bit of fun to play. It is something that obviously could be expanded quite a bit with more animal types and environmental hazards that you could use to your advantage. Still, you only had 7 days!

    I had a bug whenever I tried to play the game a second time. First time it froze. I reloaded the game. The second time I tried to play it started me out with my equipment from my last play (zero darts and one cookie). I am on Chrome and Windows XP by the way.

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