Akamar – Success

Akamar has been completed.

UPDATE: Akamar has been improved outside the 7 days of the challenge
Download: https://sites.google.com/site/rubyblielsrl/Akamar.zip
Download original 7DRL version: https://sites.google.com/site/rubyblielsrl/Akamar7DRL.zip

Get as far as you can without dying. Killing an enemy will cause you to transform into that monster type without any damage or status effects. Defeat all the enemies in the level to proceed. Walls appear every 50 turns.

movement = left click, numpad, arrow keys, or hjklyubn (change in controls.txt)
use ability = right click, space, or z
drink potion = middle click, alt, or x
detailed monster info = mouseover ?, ?

restart = r
exit = escape

Figure out the best order to fight the enemies each time you enter a level.
Most enemies have a range of 3 tiles (for sight and also for abilities), you have an effect range of 4.
Enemies will immediately forget about you if you leave their sight.

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