Black Mage Goes Rogue (Complete)

Gave some enemies new names and elemental weaknesses/resistances

Improved messages and the display system.


Congrats to Rubybliels and Darren Grey for feedback!


This one’s for those who run into “not a valid Win32 program” errors when trying to run the former version.

March 23 Edit: -This is a post-challenge fix for the blinking issue. A cursors scheme has been applied to the game and some interface elements have been modified to accommodate it.

Set tiles to 8×8 by rightclicking on the top of the window and going to properties, then font. This assures readability on most screen sizes.

Edit March 24, 2013:


I did a quick update that fixes the screen after going to help, items or the longsheet. Also, I’ve made items visible under corpses, colored the Black Mage dark grey, and made the Quintessence Crystal more easily identifiable.
This version, 0.21, fixes some minor bugs with the message buffer.
This version adds a bonus for completing the game based on how quickly one did it.


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