Dungeon Romp 2 (playable but failure)

My 7DRL attempt has been submitted. While technically it is a playable game with a beginning, middle, and end, it is not what I personally consider finished so I am calling it a failure. I am going to continue working on the game for the next few weeks and hope to have the game I envisioned finished. I got a lot of the underlying role-playing game engine finished but simply didn’t have the time to tie all that code into the main game. Especially since this would require creating an inventory screen and character sheet as well as glue code to make everything work together. I guess the years that went by since creating the original dungeon romp game made me forget how complex of a game it was. I will post here again when I have the real finished version of the game but will be better prepared for the 2014 7DRL and will not fail again.screenshot

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