FunhouseRL – Success

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You’re a boy lost in a funhouse. One possibly of your own construction. Mirror mazes and ontological peril await you. Also clowns.

Play FunhouseRL Online

Also check out the source on GitHub.

8 thoughts on “FunhouseRL – Success”

  1. Nice. You picked a single cool theme, and then made it work. It’s accessible – play in web browser. But you’ve made it friendly to old hands by retaining support for vi keys. Difficulty is about right – I’ve found that I survive when I play careful and die when I get cocky.

    I couldn’t work out what imagination was about, perhaps something you didn’t get around to implementing in more detail.

    Impressed by the library, wouldn’t surprise me if we see a huge focus shift towards browser roguelikes now.

  2. That’s awesome. I particularly like how the mirrors work. I didn’t have enough time to really dig into it and see what else you might have put in, but it’s a really cool idea.

    1. Thanks! There’s definitely not many things going on yet, but I’m already having tons of fun fleshing it out. I’ve got a bunch of weird and maybe good ideas, so stay tuned

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