Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet 7DRL Release

Play Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet 7DRL Release!

So, after some rough merging and final tweaking, we’ve packed up and released our result of this year’s 7DRL challenge. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, so we’ll be working those final bits out over the next few days. Feedback, opinions and ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks for a great challenge everyone, this was hard!


6 thoughts on “Han Yolo and the Mysterious Planet 7DRL Release”

  1. Hm, didn’t you get an option to install the Unity3D web player?

    Thank you for trying to play! We’ll have standalone versions in the next version, and hopefully than can solve some issues!

  2. Attacking doesn’t seem to work for me – I’ve tried pressing the number keys and clicking the icons, but then clicking on an enemy doesn’t seem to do anything…

  3. Cool stuff! 😀

    I had a black screen until I right clicked and then the Unity loader appeared. Also attack not working for me either.

    Love the art!

  4. Thanks for trying guys! Yes, the attack isn’t very clear at the moment. All feedback we can get on how you experience it, and ideas for improvement are appreciated. We’ll focus on making this part of the game more intuitive for the next version, we simply couldn’t fit it in within the time frame 🙂

  5. Cannot figure out how to attack either. AI seems confused too. Didnt attack me before I got to the dungeon level.

    Looking forwards to the next version. Beautiful lighting and art.

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