Hush, Little One: Day 5ish

I think my day numbering has been a bit off somehow. Our time ends Sunday night, so whatever day that makes this, that’s what day we’re on.

This is starting to come together really well, and I’m beginning to feel confident that it will be finished in time. Considering this is the first time we’ve done any kind of challenge, and this would be the first game we’ve finished, I’m very pleased. Of course, that also means I could be very wrong about how long it will take to finish.

Today I added the rest of the usable items. These include items that make you invisible, items that make you unhearable, an item that doubles your speed, and an item that teleports you. Also there’s a new terrain tile that halves your movement speed.

I also added a simple messaging system, which doesn’t do too much right now except make some things clearer and add a little flavor to the game.  It could be fleshed out more if time permits, although I doubt it will.

What’s left is figuring out scene changes to advance to the next level. There are only 3 levels, and having the generator worked out already should make creating the other two levels much easier.

I have one item left to implement, plus the “boss monsters”, playing the music, and I need to slap some kind of beginning and ending on it.  And I have the weekend to do it. I’m pumped to finish!


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