K’Plah! Victory – KlingonRL


Tired but victorious. This is easily the best game I’ve ever made. Classic style, ASCII, simple bump centric controls. I achieved every design goal, and the result is actually fun.

There are some rough edges, sure, but that’s the nature of game jams.

I do hope some one plays it. I have about 12 hours to fix any bugs you might find.

For those using Gamemaker: Room switching happens at the end of the cycle, no matter when you call for the switch. So all bumping and moving and what not will happen BEFORE you change levels…at least 10 of my 30 or hours was spent on that little quirk. So FYI.

Get it here!


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  1. Sorry Jo, link still isn’t working for me on Chrome. I get a ‘temple of the roguelike 404/ of sorts 😮

    Good to see someone else using game-maker for their entry though 😀

    1. Have you noticed people try to hide their use of Gamemaker? It’s funny, there were several OBVIOUS gamemaker games but very little mention. Some were just thinly re-skinned tutorials found on the yoyogames forums. I wish I had known you were trying to do turn based play in gamemaker, you know that’s NOT easy!

      Next time, if there is a next time, we’ll powow a bit. Like did you know that if you call for a room switch in GML, the entire rest of the cycle will execute BEFORE the switch? I had a bug that almost killed my game because of that. My ship was bouncing off of stars that just didn’t exist. Lol.

      I’m going to go beat the hell out of your game now.

      1. lol, good luck, i think you’ll beat mine before I beat yours. the trek (ba-dum-tish!) home is murder once you get the genesis device… in a good way of course :3

        as for GM I think there’s a certain stigma attached to it due to it’s low barrier to entry causing a lot of… uh… ‘ill thought out’ games being made with it. As you mentioned, a lot of GM games unfortunately tend to be reskins of basic tuts because most users don’t have much experience of game-making in general, which is no fault of their own but gives GM a slight image problem in certain circles 😮

        I’ve dabbled in a good few scripting thingies in my time so if I can ever help out I’m happy to try. I don’t really know GML nor even how to randomly generate levels and stuff all that well which means a lot of my project time was spent googling how to use datastructures and BSP partitioning and whatnot XD
        Turn-based didn’t give me too much trouble as I quickly guessed I could just get away with making a queue and shoving all the actions in there to go off when the player pressed something and i used a snaptogrid check on movement to halt them once they reached the next ‘square’ for that authentic unit-based movement :3

        Not sure what techniques you used for yours but it looks the part beautifully and if you hadn’t said it was Game Maker I wouldn’t have guessed 😀

        1. Queue? GM has queues? [cuts self]

          Looks like they have Maps, Grids, Lists, all kinds of great stuff. I was using 2D arrays I had set up myself, with all the functions required. BAh!!!! 🙂

          1. lol, ouch. You did it the hard way. I use ds_grid stuff to generate my BSP maps which also makes object placement and whatnot a breeze.
            One of the biggest limitations I found with arrays was that you can’t pass them or something to that effect. I can’t remember exactly what the problem was but it made me glad I could bypass it with ds_lists and ds_grids. Just be sure to destroy datastructures in the destroy script of any objects using them or you might cause memory leakage 😛

            I didn’t get around to using the ‘motion planning’ AI system (aka mp_ stuff) as I didn’t think I had time so I just pulled off some simple tricks with my turn/move system based off facing arcs and flagging directions that got returned as blocked so it’d ignore them until certain conditions cleared the flags.
            The only real ‘intelligence’ in there is that i make it flip a coin if you’re directly diagonal to see if it wants to turn or go straight ahead… it’s what generates those ‘fake outs’ that uber hunter was experiencing (and I’m proud to say was totally the intended behaviour :3 )

    1. From what i played it seems really good 😀
      Managing your resources is pretty tricky, especially once you nab the device. I think the only thing the help file doesn’t help with is knowing that the genesis device will be just lying about in one of the systems. for a lil bit I wasn’t sure if I had to destroy the bases or something to find it, but once i found the spinny thing I quickly figured it out :3

      That aside it seems pretty solid and I like the whole galaxy map vs system map style switching :3 Having to turn a system rogue against you because you’re desperate for fuel is a nice touch too. Also the game is rock hard and I never got back with the device despite several attempts, nor lasted enough systems after grabbing it to see the enterprise but it’s pretty panicky and stressful once you begin the journey home XD

      As for game-maker I pretty much made everything in gml where possible. I think except where laziness kicks in I basically scripted my whole project and only really used the create,step and destroy events on my objects. Heck, most of the objects don’t even have any events, they’re all stored in the parents 😀

      1. Mine exactly. Everything that moves is parented by the NPC_Ship_Object. I actually ended up moving the player, then checking for collision, marking that spot, moving the player back to where they started (if it’s their turn), then checking to see if anything was colliding on the marked spot.

        Totally convoluted. I’m sure you found something simpler. 🙂

        The Enterprise will chase you if you linger in a system too long with the Genesis device. They show up in a random corner and come after you.

        Originally you had to blow up starbases until you got the right one, but that seemed a bit tedius. You already have to scout out the star systems any way, so tedium was already there. Plus it’s PLENTY hard already.

        It’s not too hard getting the device, it’s getting back. Especially if you used up the resources on the way there, so you have to visit NEW systems on the way home. You could run into Romulans or a pirate horde or the freakin’ space whales.

        The best bet is to clear each system of pirates as you go so when you are fleeing you don’t have to worry about that. That’s the only way I can beat it. And try not to hit new systems on the way home either, you have a 1/12 chance of hitting a special system that will be very tough to handle without cloak. Either the Romulan system, the Space Whales (very little fuel) or the Pirate Base (TONS of pirates, stupid amount really).

        I may have made it too hard…But it’s beatable with the right strategy.

      2. Thanks for playing too. It’s real easy to get caught up in the glut of games and have zero players. For many people I bet my little 2 sentence feedbacks were all they got so far. Sad.

        1. Well, Uber hunter IS trying to do them all and if they want him to look he’s pretty much obliged everyone who’s asked so if they want more there’s people willing to give it, though what you’ve done by going through them all is still pretty awesome :3

          The one thing that fascinates me with your game is how the fuel dilemma ends up generating it’s own little ‘quests’. For example, my current tactic is to just put my face in a star so i don’t use up the easier, safer purple thingies nor have to attack any merchants which then gives me a little self-directed mission to go fix my hull at a station then recoup my ammo from the planets nearby.

          I find it interesting because there’s a lot of routes you’re offering but in order to take the route that doesn’t exhaust any non-renewable resources and doesn’t make me enemies I have to do a little extra planning and all without the usual fare of a pop-up telling me to do it… i was just left to find it on my own. Much more intriguing than having a ‘good/evil’ option or the like most budget games have gone for, intended or not :3

          As for script, my collision with environment is tile-based rather than object based to try and keep it efficient, but it basically for movement i just do a collision check at the destination coords. I think that might be what you do, except i don’t bother moving mine there to mark it or anything. If the square is deemed ’empty’ then I set them as the player’s destination coords, if not i set the player’s destination coords to where they currently are. AI treat the player’s destination as solid and just treat where the player currently is as an empty square like any other (unless that’s also where the destination points to because they’re not moving of course) :3

          1. I’m going to ask Uber to review my game. He did a VERY good review of Sun Crusher!!!, my game last year. This year my game is 10x as complex.

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