Rogue Fleet – Finished



Download Game here (right click save as):

Download & install Love 2D from here (it’s tiny!)

Well that was a blast! It has been an epic week, I was so stoked on this game, and I definitely have never had this much fun developing a game before. I had designed this game a few months ago, but had never even tried prototyping it.

Regarding the Z plane, I felt like this game really needed an extra bit of “space pizzazz”  to really feel right, and also the Z plane helps to stack extra game space into a single screen without scrolling, even if that screen is enormous. At the same time though, it makes the game a little confusing and difficult to play, but I feel like what it adds is worth that. The game would simply just not feel right without it.

I have not really tried to get through to the endgame, I didn’t have time to play all the way through, but I certainly will try now that it’s done. Going to take a weekend off first though, but please let me know what you think.

Best wishes to all of the others still working, I hope you enjoy Rogue Fleet, and the 7DRL Challenge!


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