Rogue’s Eye (formerly known as Die! Die! Die!) Day 6 Update

Only 18 Hours left (well, less if I plan on sleeping), but I think I’m pretty much on track. I’ve got a more-or-less fully-functional game on my hands – I just need to add in stuff like a death, victory and title screen and make it so you can (theoretically) win the game. Then it’s time for as much playtesting and balancing as I can manage (probably not much!).


Features (so far):
– 7 Weapon Types
– 9 Potion Types
– 9 Enemy Types
– Healing Fountains and Altars of Smithing dungeon features.
– Secret doors (that you have to actually look for).
– Vomiting!

The weapon/equipment system is very streamlined and a bit different to most roguelikes; rather than separate weapon/armour you can only equip one item and that determines both your offense and defense. So for example a war hammer has high offensive power but no defense, a shield gives high defense but is not particularly strong while a sword is somewhere in between.


Oh yeah, I also came up with a new name. “The Rogue’s Eye” in-game is the jewel that you are braving the terrors of the dungeon to find.

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