SanitasRL – Success


You can play the game online at or read the readme with more in-depth information at

Instructions on how to play the game are shown when you start the game and can be shown at any time by pressing ESC.

This was my first 7DRL and to be honest my first completed game ever. I am very happy with the end result although I think the game might be a little bit too hard, I’ve only completed it once my self… but hey, it’s a roguelike.

There’s a total of five levels in the dungeon and a small boss fight at the end.

The game mainly focuses on resource management, the less health you have the more powerful you are. The only ways to recover health is either to drink from a well, which only restores a fraction of your health and are sparse, or equip a certain item, but it only works once.

I have learned a massive amount during this week and it’s really spurred my interest for both roguelikes and developing more game. I usually have a problem keeping focus on something and continue working with it during a longer time period.

This whole week has been an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to play a lot of 7DRLs the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “SanitasRL – Success”

  1. A fun little game. I can definitely say that it is not too hard. One could argue that it is too easy. I do have to say that I did not beat the game though. I got quite far before I hit a game ending bug. I could still move and fight but I could no longer see what was happening.

    1. Thanks. I definitely underestimated the ability of you guys 🙂
      I had a go at fixing that “bug”, I think I can say it’s only fair to fix game breaking bugs even after the deadline, especially when it’s just a couple of lines of code. Just before the release I added a small check to not redraw the screen when nothing had changed. I thought it would improve the game performance, but after some testing I noticed it didn’t make any difference but didn’t have time to take it out.

  2. >I am very happy with the end result although I think the game might be a lit­tle bit too hard, I’ve only com­pleted it once my self… but hey, it’s a roguelike.

    Nah. I beat it on my second play through. It’s quite fun and I like the clean style of everything. Was wondering how to get over water but I’m guessing there’s an item for it?

    I also wanted to say I feel similarly about focus. I usually have a hard time with that and the format of 7drl really pushed me.

    1. Thanks, the art style really came from not me knowing what do with graphics.

      Yeah, there’s a special item which allows for telekinesis that you can use to grab the items in the water. I didn’t have enough time to add as many special items as I wanted too, so that area is a little underdeveloped.

      Motivation’s a bitch isn’t it 😉

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