Ship Happens – A failure, but also an educational experience.

So my first 7drl is a failure.

Ship Happens is technically playable. It has a menu, saving and loading, enemies, ‘map’ gen, combat, collision detection, wining, loosing, game play elements like scanning and a ships log, but it’s so buggy and incomplete (It lacks all of the story and help information, not to mention polish) that I don’t feel comfortable submitting it as a successful entry. It also only seems to build for Linux :S

In any case, it was a personal success! I implemented a bunch of sweet UI features systems, something that I haven’t really done before. I learned about state based game design, and even did some drawing in GIMP! I also gained a better understanding of what kind of scope I should aim for in a game jam of this length.

In any case, here is the Linux build:
and here is the source:

I really look forward to playing all the cool entries in this years 7drl, and I’m eager to participate again next year 🙂

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