T.H.A.D. Day 7 Conclusion

In the end I was able to put together very basic game play on top of something that has potential to be an interesting top down graphical roguelike.

It implements raycasting for FOV and lighting, smooth movement and most important entity orientation.
But top down projection has its drawbacks as its hard to make visually interesting NPC’s.

I lost a lot of time shaping my vision of the story, which at the and was completely cut out. Rewriting the rendering part (as I realized that making a huge texture from the map data is not the best idea for larger maps) didn’t help either.

Now its not much of a game, but more of a playable tech demo. As a game contest, this is definitely a failure, but a playable one ;-).


  • Dynamic lighting
  • Smooth movement
  • Tile based graphics
  • Orientation of characters
  • Keyboard and mouse controls

Planed but Missing:

  • proper character development
  • ranged weapons
  • better enemy graphics
  • more items
  • and tons of other stuff


Developed in Java using my own small ‘RL’ library and LibGDX. Some parts of code was copy/ paste/edit form an old prototype. Game play and graphics was done during the 7 days.

Hoping to make an after 7DRL android port, but only after I make the game fun to play.

Tested on Windows XP and Linux.

Grab the final version here.


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