Urwald – day 5&6, T-29h

Fri – day 5
Firing was working, but my code was kinda crippled, I thought, “ah wth, I’ll make proper action system”, probably not a wise decision so late… so I’ve splitted what was old movement system into two parts, action system – that recieves intents and is responsible for calculating ‘ticks’, and after it’s done it passes control to proper system (movement, firing, reloading).
Turned out decision about making it wasn’t that stupid as adding reload system was simple.
Urwald - day 6
Screenshot above is actually from today, as I haven’t done any yesterday.

Urwald - day 6 .2
Later today I’ve started doing some simple AI for first animals – read: fleeing.
On pic above deers don’t flee from me but should flee from poachers (at least I hope so).

It’s t-29h, I think I won’t make it (and according to what I wanted to have – I’m sure of that), but at least I’d like to have something playable (and maybe even enjoyable!) tomorrow night.

Oh, P.S. thanks to my friend who supplied me with invaluable Kofola brought from Czech Republic! šŸ™‚

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