Kali’s ladder is a mess but I managed to make somehow a playable version with it. So I guess it’s a kind of success 🙂

The game is here


You’ll play a hero trying to climb the rungs of kali’s ladder. Before entering the temple you spend your skills points in a panel of various skills. No class, you just create your own class by selecting the skills.

In the game no gold, no experience. If you want to levelup just dash to the exit. Fighting monsters is optionnal. Especially if you can run faster than them. Yes Kali’s ladder is also a game about running.

The roguelike genre is a gamedesign pandora box I should never had open. I spend the 7 last days to implements ALL the fun features I thinked of while playing rogue since the last 10 years.

That include :

– Noise propagatiob : your items and skills influence the noise you make and the monster check the sound sources if they can’t see a hero

– Decrepitude :You wont have to deal with food or water in Kali’s ladder ! The bad news is : Kali’s curse make you grow old faster ( 1 turn = 8 days ). It should be no problem until you reach 60-70y after that… Well after you’ll discover the joy of level down !

– Stealth / awareness : with sight and noise system you can approach a monster in his back without him noticing you. It open the door to tons of stealth feature, surprise hit, back stab and other sweet crawling stuff

There’s ton of other thing I dont have in mind and I think I will post again when I have better connection. I had no internet for this 7 days so the game is written in broken english. I also have a log I wrote on the boat while working, I will try to post it later.


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  1. I haven’t beaten the game yet, but I like it! It’s very fun.
    Sneaking up on enemies is fun with the stealth + breath systems.
    I like the graphics! The animations work well.
    Also, I’d like to report a rather large bug: the game freezes if you try to [L]ook at an enemy if you can’t see any.
    Good job!

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