7Day roguelike Bughack complete!

OK time to release.

Download: http://7drl.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bughack.zip

I’m a bit exhausted from working on it so I’ll just paste the README.

Welcome to BUGHACK.

The idea for the game was to include roguelike mechanics based on how ants find food through scents.

You are a leader ant who must lead worker ants to delicious harvest. Every sector you must gather a certain amount of harvest. Keep your ants safe, or you’ll take damage! You must call ants out of an ant hole and then lead them to to fruit.

Press C in-game to see controls.

To fullscreen, hit F in game.
Alternatively, replace the occurrence tiles12x12_gs_ro.png in bughack.py with tiles18x18_gs_ro.png


Python 2.X (32 bit is needed on windows)

SDL (included in Windows, needed on Linux)


python main.py

(Or on windows, right click main.py and run with python 2)

Created by:

Programming by ludamad (Adam Domurad), putterson (Pat Goebel), art by REZ (Clay Bullard)

3 thoughts on “7Day roguelike Bughack complete!”

  1. I hit A (ability), 1 (call ants), and then hit enter when it turns green on the ant hill, and nothing happens. I can’t figure out how to actually get the ants to come out…

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