7DRL Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds – Complete!

DungeonX Flesh Wounds Title

Our team worked up until the last minute – gathered friends and family to do a flash QA pass – and we are happy to share with you all the fruits of our labor, Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds!

Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds Story:

Many a long years ago in a kingdom far far away, there was an illegal Rum Distillery, owned by the mighty Pirate, Red Beard and managed by his lazy and incompetent daughter, Red Robin. The Red Rum company employed many slaves and illegal immigrants and the Rum was famous for its refined Flavor…
(Widely used as tractor fuel and tranquilizer for larger animals)

One day however the slaves workers were corrupted by a malicious goblin and rebelled. While Robin was busy sleeping they left the Distillery with all the Rum, heading for the dark forest.

Robin was pissed and completely lost it upon finding the factory empty. Seeing all the rum and slaves workers gone, she felt disappointment for she never gave a shit for them as they were long dead already.  Red Beard Daddy called and calmly instructed Robin to follow their tracks to retrieve the rum and quell the rebellious workers.

DungeonX Flesh Wounds Screen

About Grimm:

Grimm Bros is a studio of veteran developers with the goal to make amazing dark themed games for PC and Tablets. Dungeon X: Flesh wounds represents our 7 day effort with all of our current technology and assets to build a playable prototype that we can share with the rouguelike community.

Learn more about Grimm Bros at www.grimm-bros.com
Our 7DRL Experience:

Grimm Bros decided to participate in daily interviews with David Craddock to share with him our development experience as we went into the 7drl sprint. Having such a concrete deadline made us focus our design, scope and features to craft a “coffee break” style experience.


  • We are small an indie team who loves RPGs and RL!
  • For Dungeon X:Flesh Wounds we started out with some very basic tech we previously developed and a couple temp art assets.   All the gameplay, designs, story, music, sfx and most of the art were created during the 7DRL week.
  • Our goal in the 7DRL was to make the best RL “coffee break” product possible in 7 days and share it with the community for advice and feedback on how to make it better 🙂


UPDATE: 03-22-2013   

If you would like to play 7DRL edition of Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds please email support@grimm-bros.com for a link and access.   Thanks!

40 thoughts on “7DRL Dungeon X: Flesh Wounds – Complete!”

  1. unzip DungeonXDemo.zip
    Archive: DungeonXDemo.zip
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of DungeonXDemo.zip or
    DungeonXDemo.zip.zip, and cannot find DungeonXDemo.zip.ZIP, period.

      1. No, no problem *downloading* it (maybe apart from its size), but I do have a problem unpacking it once downloaded. Perhaps you would consider using a more popular archive format than some proprietary WinZip version.

        1. What unzip utility do you use?

          Try using winrar to unzip the file. Perhaps that may help. That is what I have installed locally and it seems to work fine on my Win 7 partition.

          I’ll ask the team in the morning if there is any alternative packaging formats.

          – Ash

  2. It’s astounding what a team can do. Full graphics, sound, music… It’s making us single developers jealous though. Maybe they should have a separate section of the 7drl for teams!

    1. Hi Terradame –

      What OS and video card do you have? We tested the build to run on Win XP/7/8 and you need to have updated Open GL drivers.

      Did the game run and then you got that error?

      – Ash

      1. i c now , well i have windows xp and my video card is ati xpress 1100 the thing is that i have the latest driver for windows xp that i could find. and apparently the older drivers ( the “newest” there is for xp) doesn’t support Open gl or something , i’m not 100% sure but that might be why i can’t run the game… i don’t completely understand how those things work but yeah…

          1. though i downloaded Open GL doctor it says this :
            Video Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
            Renderer: RADEON XPRESS 200M Series x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE2
            OpenGL Version: 2.0.5815 WinXP Release
            GLU Version: Microsoft Corporation

  3. I’m now wondering how much of this game was created before made before 7DRL started though. The majority of the assets have file dates from February or earlier.

    1. Hi Graspee –

      You are correct. We have been developing our technology and asset library since we started our company this year. We saw the 7DRL Challenge as a great opportunity to pull these assets together and create features that would become a playable roguelike prototype.

      When we started the 7DRL sprint, we didn’t have a game loop or any real gameplay – just an engine that was in development and a few assets such as basic terrain, our hero character Red Robin, and a skeleton.

      If your interested, I would be happy to show you our JIRA dev logs 🙂

      – Ash

      1. > We have been devel­op­ing our tech­nol­ogy and asset library since we started our com­pany this year.

        Ahh there we go with the truth.

        > the 7DRL sprint

        You pretentious douches.

        “sprint” my shiny metal ass. You built the art, concept, gameplay algorithms, etc months in advance. You built a corporate structure to pimp it in advance. Then you jumped on a community game jam and pretended you were on an equal footing until you got caught out. Now suddenly this is just a “sprint” among others. Agile cowboy fuckwads.

        > If your inter­ested, I would be happy to show you our JIRA dev logs 🙂

        As if those weren’t constructed with as much care as the rest of your facade.

        Best of luck in the commercial world. Really this is a tempest in a teapot and immaterial. It’s just sad you had to co-opt a community event to launch what would have been a good game in its own right, but now is tainted by trying to force itself into a category it was ineligible for.

        1. Hi Mr. Blue –

          Not sure why your upset. We stated up front that we are a pro team using our tech and assets library in our 1st posting. Just scroll up.

          Also, using pre-existing code or assets libraries is fine by the rules of the challenge as long as you declare them – which we have….


          “You CAN use external libraries, game engines, pre-existing generic code/algorithms, pre-existing generic art, etc. You can even start your game from an existing game, if you are willing to turn it out into something unique, you must however say what resources were reused.”

          You can also check with David or let me send you our JIRA logs if you doubt our efforts. Feel free to send an email to contact@grimm-bros.com.

          We are as Indie as it gets and only want to participate with the community to make a fun game.

          – Ash

        2. We are an indie team and we love RL, we have been following the 7drl even since last year and decided to enter it this time.
          Everyone was working hard this week, we all barely had any sleep at all.
          The rules clearly state that existing code can be used and we started out with something very crude and not playable., all the gameplay happened during this week.
          We only had 1 character and a monster, the story art, menus, new monsters, items and all that were created in this week as well.
          We entered as a team and we are not pretending anything, we are fully transparent with what we do.
          The music was done this week and specifically for this 7DRL too.
          We have listed all team members in the credits.
          We are are a team of indie developers, that’s all.

          With that being said i will go back to bed, i am as tired as it gets, been painting the story screens and portraits for over 30 hours without break.

  4. Hey, Grimm Bros,

    Many of us are really starting to doubt how sincere you are with this “all in it together 7drl sprint” concept, and wondering how much you just saw this as a marketing opportunity for your new company. None of what you did is against the rules, but the combination of pre-existing professional sound effects, graphics and music, the fact you didn’t make this clear, the fact it was a team effort by a commercial company, the fact that you trying to use the event to promote your company… just leaves a sour taste in mine and other people’s mouths.

    I mean seriously, you included an End User Licence Agreement in your submission zip. This is 7DRL! An EULA? Seriously?!

    By the way, your EULA says:

    “You may not reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise translate the Product.”


    Come at me.

    1. Hey Graspee –

      I appreciate your honesty and feedback. I’m sorry about any misconceptions about our intent. In all seriousness – we actually want to make a great rougelike RPG and the best way we thought was to join the challenge and share what we did to get your feedback.

      Yes we eventually want to make a commercial release of an RPG (hence the EULA) but today we just want to get your feedback and learn about what you want in a game. We are trying the Valve approach here… which comes down to talking to the community and listening.

      We just are a small team of devs who want to make new friends in the RL community. If you want we can setup time to chat on skype? Feel free to skype me anytime at ashmonif.

      – Ash

      PS. Props for disassembling our code so quickly 🙂

    2. That is not correct,
      We are a team of indie developers, we are transperent about it, you can see everyone listed in the credits.
      We made use of some existing code and assets, it is not against the rules but pretty much most of the gameplay happened during this week. We have 2 programmers on the team who were working non stop this 7 days without getting much sleep. when we started we had 1 character and a monster sprite and during this week i created new animation sets for the existing monster and added all the other, new enemies and anims, it was a lot of work.
      The music was created during this week as well and some of the sfx were created shortly before submission as we added most of the sound system on the last day.
      when we started we had no idea about the story or anything, all we have now was a team effort and the story screens, menus, title screen i painted over the last 3 days.
      There was no gameplay when we started, there wasnt much anything.

      Seriously, we had so much fun making it, didn’t have that much fun in a long time, it was awesome seeing everything coming together! We want to make it a full game now for sure, there is nothing wrong with that.

      About the EULA… we added it because we also want to rmake this mini game available to download outside of the 7drl later as well and releasing it into the wild we simply want to protect our hard work.
      If it left a weird after taste for you, i am really sorry but please don’t get it the wrong way.

  5. There’s no point having an EULA if you’re not going to enforce it. I just broke it on purpose and you’re at least on the surface shrugging it off. In fact not enforcing your EULA on this 7drl could weaken your ability to enforce it on future commercial games. Everyone will say “oh he gave graspee props for disassembling his game- obviously they only put ‘don’t dissassemble our game’ in there for a joke and it’s fair game”.

    I have no idea why you want to skype me, but it seems your true reasons for entering the competition are becoming clearer. Marketing and information gathering and attempting to become cosy with the community.

    1. We did not add it because we distrust you guys, please don’t get it the wrong way.
      We want to keep working on this game and share a build with people outside the 7DRL challenge, so this is simply in place to protect us as one can never know where it will land so we are just being professional about this.
      For example if some shady developer releases a game featuring our sprites we can make a case.

      1. So many people getting me wrong. I’m not “angry”; I don’t “hate” the game, I think it’s great, as I said.

        I think the bottom line is I don’t really think that companies should be allowed to enter the competition because they will inevitably be trying to promote themselves and their commercial products.

        When commercial developers enter as individuals, not pushing their company or their products that’s fine of course, e.g. ratking, slash, darkgod etc.

      2. Uh, you don’t need an EULA to ‘make a case’ for someone making a game with your assets. It’s normal copyright violation, and if you can prove you created the art before they stole it (this prototype being valid proof) you can sue them.

        …all in theory, of course. In practice since you don’t have tons of money to waste on a court case you’re screwed if someone steals your work regardless of how much in the right you are legally.

  6. Hey Graspee –

    Your absolutely right. As I said before we are here to reach out and make a connection with you and anyone else who is interested in making rougelike RPGs. Most devs are spread out around the planet – so this is one of the few forums for devs like you and I to chat.

    If you don’t like our games – thats totally cool. We are open to hearing back from you or anyone else to make them better.

    All I ask is that you give us a fair shot. We are just a bunch of normal devs trying to figure out how to make the best game possible – not some giant evil mega corp. So I do appreciate any game related feedback.

    RE: EULA – I was just making a joke to lighten the mood a bit.

    – Ash

    1. We made the game goal not about surviving, so there is not much danger. 🙂 1 week is a short time so we decided on a scope and features we can finish.

      You start out with 1000 and make a high score run.
      Try to find and beat the boss, he will however be to tough without having collected enough power up items.
      Most of the other foes are there to slow you down, make you spend turns.
      There are also collectible items that are purely for score, such as gold, rum barrels… exp is purely score at this point too but there are working powerup items that will give you more attack, agility, defense and health.
      We will expand on that and once we have a inventory system, equipment and level up we will balance the game more towards exploration, survival and stat development.

  7. Hey, congrats on the game. It really has a funny setting, the graphics and music are absolutely gorgeous, and I like the level generator.

    There are of course many things that could have been better, I will list them here, please treat them as my opinions/suggestions for future improvement. I fully realize that there just wasn’t enough time.

    * If you stated clearly what you are starting with at the beginning of the challenge, you would have avoided at least one angry Graspee. Also, EULA, that really aggravates people — a simple license saying “all rights reserved” would be probably sufficient. Then again, IANAL. I believe you meant no harm, of course.
    * Having to press the direction keys repeatedly to walk is really annoying. I want to hold down a key to continue walking, especially when there is a long stretch of map to explore.
    * The field of vision really doesn’t look right wit hall this nice graphics — perhaps softened edges of the darkness would help.
    * There isn’t really much of a roguelike gameplay in this roguelike. There is no resource management and no tactical decisions. The turn limit doesn’t add much depth, as I really have little control over how long it will take me to kill all the monsters to get points — it’s mostly random.
    * The wolf will sometimes stand with its head in a wall.
    * It’s easy to attack my pet by mistake.
    * The monsters are not really very different, they just have different looks, but no special attacks or behavior — or am I just failing to notice them?
    * The dialogue bubbles make no sense and serve no purpose.
    * It would be nice to have some goal other than “score the most points”.

    I hope that given more time you will make a great game out of this! I’m looking forward to playing it.

    By the way, you might want to know that it works well in wine.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      let me reply some of it.

      > If you stated clearly what you are start­ing with at the begin­ning of the chal­lenge

      Right, that was a mistake on our side, we should have posted the progress here every day, we assumed to much on our side. We had daily interviews with David so it sort of felt like we were sharing progress but it should have been happening here.

      >Also, EULA, that really aggra­vates peo­ple — a sim­ple license say­ing “all rights reserved” would be prob­a­bly suf­fi­cient.
      Then again, IANAL. I believe you meant no harm, of course.

      Right, i agree but as i mentioned, we also want to make the download available outside of the 7drl and so we decided that it might be better tp add it because we now have decided to move on with DungeonX and make it a full game at some point.

      >Hav­ing to press the direc­tion keys repeat­edly to walk is really annoy­ing.

      Absolutely, we plan to add more control options such as contiguous walk but also click and path-finding. we simply did run out of time here but it will be addressed for sure.

      > The field of vision really doesn’t look right wit hall this nice graph­ics — per­haps soft­ened edges of the dark­ness would help.

      Ha, my words exactly! and we will have exactly that feature where the edges and corners are softened 😀
      We also have some other effects in mind that we want to try out.

      * There isn’t really much of a rogue­like game­play in this rogue­like. There is no resource man­age­ment and no tac­ti­cal deci­sions.

      Rightm, at thgis stage its a simple, coffeebreak highscore gameplay. You try to find the boss within the 1000 turns/.
      It is not about survival yet but we will shift focus once there are more features such as level ups, inventory and equipment, ranged attacks and so on.
      This is how far we came in a week, but we will go from there.

      >The wolf will some­times stand with its head in a wall.
      > It’s easy to attack my pet by mis­take.

      Right, thsi will all be addressed, we wil probablt make the hero and pet switch tiles when they collide but we ran out of time to add more pet related features. We want the pets to be a lot more sophisticated later.

      > The mon­sters are not really very dif­fer­ent, they just have dif­fer­ent looks, but no spe­cial attacks or behav­ior — or am I just fail­ing to notice them?

      Most of them are not tough, except the boss and the fairies but they have some features already.
      – skeletons will run away when low on HP and make you spend turns.
      – green slime can poison you
      – red slime can erase your memory (minimap)
      – fairies steal your rum barrels
      – Goblin can teleport

      >The dia­logue bub­bles make no sense and serve no pur­pose.

      They are cosmetic and we thought its funny, most people we did share the demo with liked them.
      Right now the dialogs are random but later they will be tied to many events and become a lot more purposeful, also the hero will be able to make comments about things he bumps into.

      > It would be nice to have some goal other than “score the most points”.

      The goal is actually to find and kill the boss. you can win the game by doing so.
      But yes, its very simple and we will make it better.
      We are making plans to make it a sophisticated RL.

      >I hope that given more time you will make a great game out of this! I’m look­ing for­ward to play­ing it.
      Thanks a lot! we hope so too! now having some rest but everyone is itching to continue already 😀

      >By the way, you might want to know that it works well in wine.


  8. Why have you removed the link to your game? I thought your activities couldn’t become any more suspicious but it looks like I was wrong.

    BTW You’ve left the link on the registration page anyway.

    1. Hi Graspee –

      We are in the process of moving the file to a shared Dropbox. Right now its on our web server and we need to move it.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      – Ash

    2. Dude, what is with all the hating?

      You are the only one acting suspicious here and trying to make other look bad for no real reason.
      There is no rule against indie teams entering the challenge and its not you win a porsche here or anything.

      I find your tone really going against the spirit of the challenge.
      This is supposed to be fun for people, its not about competing and comparing.
      Why don’t you try being positive and constructing and contribute something by testing all the submitted games, leaving some encouraging or helpful comments to all the other entries?

      1. “Why don’t you try being pos­i­tive and con­struct­ing and con­tribute some­thing by test­ing all the sub­mit­ted games, leav­ing some encour­ag­ing or help­ful com­ments to all the other entries?”

        I contributed something by submitting my game. Also I have been testing the other entries and have left positive comments on some other entries. You just decided that I hadn’t based on absolutely nothing.

        And don’t you dare invoke the “spirit of the challenge” against me.

          1. I said something to the developers. They answered. Neither of us asked you to step in the middle and interrupt with your opinions.

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