7DRL Sorta-Success: Awesome Rogue



In Awesome Rogue, you play the part of a very confused citizen who must stop an Evil Wizard’s reign by…well, being awesome. Instead of the conventional resource of health, everything you do affects your awesome in some way. Many enemies, traps, and bosses will hinder you, but clever resourcefulness can turn these setbacks into major advantages by performing combos with items and traps. Enjoy!

Hi everyone. My name is Thomas Steinke, and I made this game working with Elliot Fiske for our first Roguelike. This week would be the most we’ve ever had to work on a project in such a short period, and it was quite an adventure. We gave the week before finals to dedicate to this project, and even though it didn’t live up to our wild expectations, we’re still pleased with the results. We both had a bunch of fun learning how to make a Roguelike, finding hilarious bugs, and throwing all our creativity at this game.

Using the LOVE engine (which we learned about the first day of 7DRL), we had to learn Lua and write our whole game from that base. This included the engine, map creation, etc., and only by the last few days were we able to put time into the actual gameplay.

We didn’t have nearly as much done as we had hoped, but we were pleased to finish a working copy of the game (hopefully no bugs got past the friends that tested it with us) on time. Go ahead and download it, and let us know what you think!

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