Comrade Pixel: success!



Well it was a bit of a mad dash at the end. I didn’t get in all the features I wanted but I also love to dream big when making games. Even though there are some features that need a lot of work (enemy spawning and AI most definitely) I am happy I got in multiple classes with different weapons, abilities, and with dramatically different movement handling. I spent some time on a leveling tree but unfortunately that didn’t get finished in time so leveling up is merely stats. The basic gameplay of trying to dash through the dungeon to reach a chest and bring it back to town is in. The faster you complete the dungeon the more XP you get.

However, I enjoyed working on this so much I’m gonna keep at it. Keep an eye on the URL below because the game is only getting better!

You can find the web version here:

and a windows version zipped up here:

Note that on the Windows version the launcher config does not actually apply in the game. If you want to change the key config (such as to gamepad) do it from the ingame options game either from the main menu or by hitting escape in the game. What a rush this week has been! I can’t wait to relax and check out some of the other posted games.

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