Day 6 ends – Double Rogue is a success!

Sorry for the lack of updates after day 2, but I never felt the game was quite ready to show it outside IRC with the progress I made in this time. As usual for me, the big portion of playability (like real levels) comes in the last day. As I began Tuesday, the last day was the sixth day.

Alas! The game is finished, and “CubeRL” is now “Double Rogue”. It tells the story of a wizard and a barbarian, sticking together because of an annoying spell. It’s a 3D roguelike, and when I say 3D I mean 3D. See for yourself:

Double Rogue!

There’s still a lot of stuff missing, but now you can (hopefully) play it through. It even has the Amulet of Yendor.

What the game features:

  • turnbased combat, randomness, permadeath
  • six levels with three different “dungeon” types (desert, forest/meadow, stone)
  • 14 enemy types with different behaviors and movement
  • particle effects

Stuff I would like to add some time:

  • sounds and music
  • a minimap
  • balancing …
  • statistics at death/winning

You can play the game on Kongregate! Here are standalone versions (not tested) for

Double Rogue Title

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