Explore! Malachite Dreams finished!

Actually completed and posted 7 hours ago, but I forgot to announce here!

I’m still in the window – end of challenge for me is a good hour and quarter off still.  But last night’s play through showed no crippling bugs – (grammar mistake on victory screen, but I’m not risking a rebuild just to fix that) – so it is done!  Yay!

Very happy with the fact I got my automatic tile-smoothing done so things don’t look all square on the overworld.  I’m also worried that I found some crippling bugs with the ladder and portcullis puzzles yesterday morning.  I did improve my validation scripts and run a few hundred thousand room generation tests, so I’m hopeful everything is cool now.

At 1:00am last night (or I guess technically this morning) I tried to produce this screenshot only to realize my FOV was drastically not symmetrical.  And not I don’t mean as in a A sees B but B doesn’t see A.  I mean as shadows being lopsided.  Very glad I noticed that since the FOV algorithm is an entirely new approach I’m trying.  Inspired by https://groups.google.com/d/topic/rec.games.programmer/0Nq-rY3dR4s/discussion I’ve always wanted highly permissive FOVs.  I really like the result – complete with two layer transparency.  It’s based on an unpublished dominance-matrix system I devised back in the 90’s for my RPG written in Latin, but probably the identical result to Ultima V.  I haven’t booted that up to verify, however.  Anyways, I’d love to see discussion on that.explore_outside


Oh yeah!  A link!


I hope all the challengers, success or failure, at least had fun and learned something interesting!  I know I did.

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