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Hello Roguelikers!

After a gruelling 7 days I woefully admit defeat to submit my game.

Kudos to those who have finished or are finishing, and my sympathies to those who have not finished or won’t finish.

For the rest of the week I will be checking out all of your games! :]

What got done:
Game state and map rendering, player and random npc movement. Game dialogs and basic melee combat.

Where I failed:
Field of vision, npc path finding, many maps (pre-built maps, not generated), storyline, balancing npc stats, special player abilities, upgrading player abilities.

What I discovered:

* My previous 2 entries used ascii symbols, this allowed for more time working on the code. I spent much time pixeling the tileset. I love pixel drawings but admittedly suck at them.

* pygame supports playing .s3m, .xm, .it, .mod files :]

* you can get away with sleeping 1 hour power naps every 6 hours over 48 hours (or longer)

And some screenies for the heck of it.




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