Faith in RL – Success!!!

Well kinda… I’m calling it a success since it makes me feel good ;-).

Play it here: Faith in RL

The idea is that you can’t attack enemies directly, you can only convert them to fight for you. The goal is to convert/kill the Dark Lord who resides 5 levels down. Good luck!

Didn’t manage to add the variety of monster types I wanted, a healer to convert would have been handy. Got some music in though, composed and recorded in literally 45 minutes so happy about that.

A push back mechanic for when you run out of faith would have been nice.




2 thoughts on “Faith in RL – Success!!!”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to play my game. I’m going to try and play/comment on as many as possible this week. Also going to try and beat my own game (died at the Dark Lord’s hands a moment ago grrr!). Getting backed into a corner sucks, avoid at all costs! If I had more time I would have added a knock back effect so you didn’t feel so helpless in that situation… but maybe that would have reduced the tension.

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