Hoplite (Finished)

My first 7drl, Hoplite is complete.  You are a Greek Hoplite on a quest for the Fleece of Yendor.

Hoplite focuses on movement based combat on small arena-like maps.  There is no “bump to attack”.  Instead, enemies are attacked by moving around them or lunging toward them.  You also have three abilities: Bash, Leap and Throw, which become more powerful as you progress.  The three abilities require energy, which is gained by moving into tiles with adjacent enemies.

The tile engine including rendering, movement, pathfinding and some AI was mostly complete before starting the 7DRL.  I still struggled to finish in 7 days, dropping a lot of the plans I had for this game.  I ended up with a playable game though, so I’m calling this a success.

Hoplite is avaliable on Google play



3 thoughts on “Hoplite (Finished)”

  1. This is a solid game.
    Simple & effective tutorial, intuitive controls, simple mechanics with nice depth. Nice short-term tactical game with some long term strategic choices. A good fit for mobile.

    I spent an hour last night playing Hoplite, and this morning introduced it to my wife who loves puzzley games and she played it for a while too.

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