Like A Rogue!

Here’s our successful entry, Like A Rogue. In this game you are in a dark, colorless and scary dungeon. Your role is to fight off the scary monsters on your way out. You are allowed to light up torches with matches you find around the world to color it.

The engine was built from the ground up using SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL; not using any engine.

Edit settings.cfg in the bin folder to your liking for best gameplay.


  • W and S – Move forward and backward.
  • A and D – Turn left and right.
  • Q and E – Strafe left and right.
  • Left Mouse Button – Interact – (use door, use item, attack, open, etc).
  • Right Mouse Button – Skip turn.


  • [rust]: Game Programmer
  • KonoM: Engine Programmer
  • boomboombass: Level Design, Torch
  • ARM9: Original sound effects and music
  • Dan: Testing
  • paleface the nitewalker: Footstep sounds.

Non-original stuff:

  • Art: Jerome (
  • Font: CruzR (


Windows Users: Installing OpenAL might be necessary to run the game. It can be downloaded here. Another thing that might be needed is the Visual C++ redist that can be download here.


5 thoughts on “Like A Rogue!”

  1. this game is great! it feels like an old school dungeon crawler but in 3D with amazing lighting. the graphics are really good and the music and sound effects really add to the feel. it managed to make me curious about what i will find next and i wanted to go on and open more doors and find more rooms. i only get this feeling from old school games and this one hits the spot!

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