Mosaic – Testers Needed

Mosaic is now already at what I can call a complete state, but I have 12 hours left and I’m still looking to add more polish, in particular sounds. However what I could dearly do with right now is an idea of game balance, and for that I need playtesters! Here’s the current build: (Windows standalone) (module folder only to work with T-Engine 1.0.0)

It’s a quick game and easy to get into, so I’d appreciate anyone giving it a quick whirl. Let me know how far you get, how easy/hard/boring you find it, and what you think of the enemy balance.Ā  Having tested myself I feel it’s exactly the right level of difficulty, but I’ve made the serious mistake in the past of thinking that’s fine for other people :/

The only known bug at present is the laying of a superfluous tile on level change. This has been there from day 1 and in spite of many hours of effort I haven’t managed to fix it! It doesn’t change game balance at all, but it’s quite annoying >:(

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7 thoughts on “Mosaic – Testers Needed”

  1. Damn Darren don’t call it a bug man. That’s there is a feature. Call it ‘difficulty balancing.’ Your game was a bit too tough so you gave people a freebie right off that bat. Aren’t you a nice developer? Thanks for the free tile Darren, I really needed it. I’d never have hit level 8 without it.

    1. I got to levels 7, 7, 6, then 3. During the last game I was experimenting with movements more than I did during the others, but I somehow lost. I still haven’t figured out what causes a loss. I first thought maybe a destructive thing could remove the tile that you are standing on. Then I thought the amount of destroyed tiles or amount remaining caused it. Now I feel it might be either.

      I did find it sort of boring the first couple plays, but discovering those nifty harmonic movements completely mitigated this.

      Unfortunately I failed my attempt at a 7DRL, but this game and Bump! both have the puzzley feel that I wanted for mine. Simple concept, but it makes you think. Very awesome, I shall continue to play.

  2. Didn’t mean to “Reply” to Jo’s comment. Oh well.

    The E is pretty difficult to work around. It’s great because it’s ability is very destructive, but it may be a little too Evil because it is usually on the edge of the board. I must defeat these Es…

  3. Could there be an option to decrease the strain on the CPU? I don’t know if it’s just the T-Engine and it’s unavoidable, or if it’s perhaps the scrolling white specks in the background. If disabling the background would allow the CPU to relax, an option to do so would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately my system is got unusably hot from playing this, but it is such a nifty game.

    On topic, the Es are still keeping me from progressing. There must be a way to the Next level…

    1. Glad I have you hooked! Not much I can do about the CPU, I’m afraid. The code is rather intense at points with many floodfills every turn. I was worried from the start that it might be a bit slow on some machines.

      You can turn off the scrolling starfield by going into Mosaic/game/modules/mosaic/data/zones/void/zone.lua and commenting out or deleting lines 49-63 (the post_process and background functions). Let me know if this helps!

      The E’s are indeed tough. There are ways around, but I won’t spoilt it for you šŸ™‚

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