Nya Quest – Final Day

Sooooo… yeah. my PC kinda hiccupped when I was closing down last night and when I started up I realised it’d basically ‘forgotten’ the contents of one of my largest code files so I’ve gone from a playable game with placeholder stuff needing features and polish to an empty screen. Y’know, you’d think I’d have learned to back up after losing everything I’d ever made to a harddrive crash back in Uni but… 😛

I guess we’ll have to see what I can recode from memory in the time that’s left. Luckily the rudimentary AI, player controls and stuffs seem untouched, it’s just the BSP level generation that’s gone bye-bye, but it’s the first time I’d ever done it and there’s a lot of valuable lessons learned in there that’ve vanished. Luckily I’m a hopeless optimist so hopefully I’ll still achieve something before the deadline :3

4 thoughts on “Nya Quest – Final Day”

  1. Because my knowledge of source control isn’t the greatest and I’m silly, so I never think to do it until I need it (aka after the horror i needed to prevent has happened ;D)

    1. Oh, ok. I’m a physicist and I learned git in about a day (read: an hour + coffee and slacking off) or so – now I keep not only code, but also important documents in LaTeX on VCS servers with git. It’s useful.

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