Starship Rex is playable and winnable

I’m calling it a non-fail — game is playable and winnable. Had to scope out a lot of what I wanted to do, but it still works as a game. I’ll have to take a few steps back from it to assess whether it is much fun.

You can get it here:


EDIT: I’ve since been able to post it to a webserver, you can play Starship Rex here —

Spent way more time tracking down bugs than I thought I would. Isn’t that always the case? As I iterated, I developed the energy-swapping concept more and more, and it seems to work pretty well. The stasis pods the robot is carrying are draining their own batteries as you transport them, and then start to drain your batteries. You can pick up more pods as “extra batteries”, but that carries a risk.

I’ll probably continue to develop this game, so please feel free to share feedback, bug reports, suggestions, etc.

And here’s a video of it being played, by me, in a code-addled stupor — not winning.

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