Success! Live as Long as Possible, a gridless horde mode roguelike.

So this was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to try something in the usual top down format but without the usual grid based tile map. I wanted it to be fast-paced, like a shmup, or one of Terry Cavanagh’s fail fast, fail often games. I had very little time this week, but here is a quick, gridless horde mode roguelike.

At first I had gone with a fixed timestep per turn. When you click, everything moves a certain amount and then you have to click again for the next turn. Very traditional, but it felt too stodgy and slow and didn’t at all fit my criteria for fast-paced gameplay. In the last few hours I decided to change the controls a bit. Now just hold the mouse button down and everything keeps moving. Let go and time stops. With this scheme you can decide the pace. Very satisfied with it.

Sadly, the game lacks procedural level generation. As it turns out, doing pathfinding with Unity’s built-in navmesh system limited me to a single static map as it is completely non-dynamic and must be baked into the scene. So rather than chase down a rabbit hole, I’ll have to save rolling my own dynamic navmesh system for a future projects.

Download it.


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  1. Melee by bumping into monsters. You have a 50% chance to deal 1 hp damage, the enemies have 40% chance to hit. Big enemies do more damage of course. I made some attempts at smoothing out the collisions with the walls but really did not have the time to research how to make it work cleanly. The FOV is done with raycasting.

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