Tower defence roguelike – failed

tdrlI’ve experimented with mixing tower defence and roguelike mechanics but failed by too much delaying making of the enemy wave generation (the most important thing, yeah).

I’ve written a small retrospective in the project wiki.

Thanks for the event!

4 thoughts on “Tower defence roguelike – failed”

  1. Hey, thanks for the write-up over on github, and especially for linking that interesting research paper! I’ve (loosely) followed this year’s 7DRL challenge, and your entry came up when I googled for “roguelike” and “tower defense”, so I was suprised to see someone attempted this very concept this very year. I’m sorry that you failed, but like you said yourself, you learned some things, and had fun as well – that’s all that counts!

    Good luck with any endeavours in the future!
    – tmdnth

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