The Aurora Wager – Success

The Aurora Wager is a game created for the 7 Day Rogue Like event.


The game is about you (Jebe), your buddy Frits, your nemesis Frederik, and your wager to see who can make it to the North Pole first! By hot air balloon, of course. You will have to master navigating the airways, and explore the world to find the means to venture ever further.
Instead of taking cues from Rogue’s low-fi 2D nature, we were instead inspired by the rough and solitary nature of these games. The sense of constant uncertainty, the need to keep moving, the inability to always find the perfect outcome and having to change course by necessity; these were qualities we wanted to try our hand at. We love building intricate (often physical) simulations, but we dislike how dry simulations can be many times. Realistic racing games and flight sims have their place, but for us game design is more about impressions of things found the real world than acurate renditions of them.

We referenced a lot of steampunk material (Steamboy, Last Exile), as well lots of games we’ve played over the last year or so (Dear Esther, Kerbal Space Program, Shadow of the Colossus, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Minecraft), and the music we played during the jam (Kettel, Emeralds, Ochre, Biosphere, Deru, more.)


Download The Aurora Wager (Go here for the latest version, and the sound track)


Use: Left Mouse Button (Or E)
Pick up: Right Mouse Button (Or Q)
Jump: Space
Run: Shift

The grappling hook can reel items (or the ship) in by pressing Pickup while using it.


V4 (Released 10-05-2013)



  • Split-screen multiplayer support (just technically though, no real gameplay changes yet)
  • In-game graphics and input configuration screens
  • Overhauled wind field system (smoother, more variation, some interesting anomalies, less prone to crashing the physics engine)
  • Overhauled wind graphics (More particles, longer trails, wider range, optimized performance)
  • Linux version now comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries


  • Balloon altitude is limited to 3000 meters (~10000 ft.)
  • Flag now rotates with wind direction
  • Fuel amount per canister cut in half


  • Fixed grappling hook becoming huge when latched to gondola (controls still suck though)
  • Many performance optimizations

Known Issues


  • Input remapping procedure breaks the remapping controls to use the triggers on the Xbox 360 controller (remap these last, restarting the game fixes this)
  • Performance takes a hit when playing split screen


  • Linux builds are unfortunately very broken…
  • Mouse cursor cannot be locked due to a Unity bug. (Recommend playing in full screen for now)
  • Fog graphics fail to render properly in some cases
  • Rope graphics fail to render properly in some cases

V3 Changes:

  • Fixed cat­a­strophic wind bug near North Pole, it can now actu­ally be reached
  • Wind is a lot more ver­sa­tile
    • Inten­sity and direc­tion vary more as you get closer to the North Pole
    • Makes nav­i­ga­tion more inter­est­ing, and quite a bit harder
  • All phys­i­cal objects are now affected by the wind
    • Yes, even you!
  • Bal­loon weights and aero­dy­nam­ics have been tweaked
    • It now falls faster
    • Its ropes have less damp­en­ing to them
  • Burner rates and effi­cien­cies have been tweaked
    • Small burner is slow but steady
    • Medium and big burn faster, at lower efficiencies
    • Can now lift off with­out hav­ing to hop
  • Added gauges
    • Ver­ti­cal velocity
    • Bal­loon temperature
    • The oppo­site side of the gon­dola now also fea­tures these gauges
  • Held items are now dis­played slightly more towards the cen­ter of the screen
  • Cloud layer death zone is now higher
  • Var­i­ous low-​​level opti­miza­tions
    • Drag now respects rigid­body sleep velocity
  • Added appli­ca­tion icon

V2 Changes

  • You can now run by holding Left Shift
  • You now have a visible cursor
  • Cursor shows the names of any items you look at
  • Left click to use things
  • Right click to pick things up
  • Larger fuel gauge
  • Balanced sounds slightly
  • Grappling Hook Launcher now emits a sound when you are controlling it
  • Grappling hook aim is now much more precise
  • Grappling hook rope now attaches correctly to the hook
  • You can now pick up items from the grappling hook after reeling them in
  • You now automatically stop using the grappling hook when using or picking up other items
  • Fixed sounds not resuming play after unpausing the game
  • Added ‘huge’ crates

We had to sacrifice a lot to finish the jam in time, but after receiving much positive feedback we’re making plans to develop the game further! We’ve got big ideas for the world of Aurora and its inhabitants. Also, Volo Airsport (a skydiving game we’re developing) might make the jump to Aurora in some capacity.


Robin Vink: Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing
Martijn Zandvliet: Design, Programming, Terrain Creation
Michael Manning: Sound Design, Music

Blue skies! And do let us know what you think.


Have a look at our handy presskit.

175 thoughts on “The Aurora Wager – Success”

    1. Heh, we had some additional roguelike features planned, especially with regards to the item system. We had to cut it all for now though.

      Oh, and we do have randomly generated levels. 🙂

      Would love it if you let us know if you have any feedback after playing!

      1. Hi i have played this game and thought of a few things that in my opinion would make this game one of the best
        first it would be cool to have a online multiplayer also i had a hard time finding out the controls for every thing so it would be nice to have a book in the ship cargo with all the controls on it.
        (thanks for making a awesome game)

  1. I streamed this earlier today and ran into a problem. The air currents seemed to take me directly to a spot that the compass seems to freak out at but that was directly over cloud cover. Landing wasn’t an option nor was hooking onto something so I jumped out I ended up going under a mountain (but still able to walk as if the cloud layer was solid). I’m curious if that was all a glitch or if the end game hasn’t been completed. Crazy things can happen with randomly generated levels I suppose. While I was streaming Aurora we had to link the game offsite due to how many people were downloading it (we might have crashed the server sorry). Have you made any other games that I can show off? Feel free to contact me directly

  2. Hello merely wondering if there is any organized, compiled place with current/planned feature list, general info, somewhere to file bug reports, etc.
    And by extension I’m also wondering how much more is being planned on being done, with both the game itself and with stuff like mentioned above.

    1. Hey Professorial!

      I have a somewhat organized, compiled place with all that information, but the problem is that its my private notebook. 🙂

      We’ll certainly be continuing work on this game, and already have a big laundry list of ideas at the ready! I’ll announce our plans next week after we’ve had a little more time to think. In the mean time, please let us know where you’d like this game to go next.

      We don’t have an official home for the game yet, so in the mean time you can leave your comments here or on the following page: As long as the game doesn’t have its own little place on the web I’ll post the occasional update both on the 7DRL website and on the Volo Airsport website.

      Thanks for playing!

      1. Awesome, can’t wait.
        As for feedback, I think the balloon needs more steerablility, either through small sails, an outboard propeller of some sort, or more obvious wind variations.
        Greater item diversity could make the game richer as well, combined with more interesting ways of obtaining them, or by upgrading/combining/crafting (and relatedly, upgrading the balloon itself)
        As far as endgame is concerned, player strategies should be on a spectrum between spending time getting items/upgrades, and simply sprinting to the finish, with neither being clearly the better option. (though I should note I encountered the same problem Rev did)
        And as for a bug report, I was messing around with the grappling hooks when I appeared to travel at high velocity, followed by a freeze. Through experimentation I was able to devise a method to catapult myself by having two grappling hooks retracting on one side (top/bottom) and one retracting on the bottom of the opposite side, then releasing the one opposite the two. Though I was not able to replicate the original crash, it seems this is the likely cause.
        It generated a crash dump as well, if you’re interested.

        1. Version 3 ( has much more varied wind and thus much more interesting navigation, and the northpole wind bug is gone. Also included are a host of other changes, and a Linux build is now also available. 🙂

          Yeah, we have a whole bunch of items, upgrades and possible activities planned to pad out the basic assortment you have available now, varying from ship gear to personal items, to food and water, to piloting single-person gliders, to fishing and hunting. While V3 doesn’t add any other items yet, I’ve tweaked spawn and fuel rates such that you’ll hopefully experience some scarcity.

          I’ll have to balance the physics more thoroughly, but I think I’ve gotten them to be a bit more stable. But yes, if you could send me the crash dump that would be great. You can send it directly to

    1. Roger that! We’ll have the Linux version ready at some point during the weekend. Just need to find some time to install my favorite distro again to test. 🙂

  3. Great little game! One simple thing I’d like to see is a button that disables all of the visual aids (crosshairs, mount points, tooltips, etc.) so that if I want to just drift along and admire the view I can do so without being distracted by those things.

    Can’t wait to see what else you do with this 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Hi, this may sound like a stupid question, but where is/how do i use the grappling hook?? I’m guessing I’m just missing something really obvious :/

    1. Sorry about that, the grappling hook needs a lot of improvement in terms of how it is controlled.

      When hovering your cursor over the turret you can start/stop controlling it by pressing Use. When controlled, you can aim just by looking around, and press Use to fire/reset the hook. If the hook is latched on to something you can start/stop the winch by pressing Pick-up.

      If you move or look away too far from the turret you will stop controlling it.

      1. That’s cool, no apology needed! 🙂 What I actually meant was that I couldn’t find it but I’ve realised that I literally need to go and find it on a island! 😀

        Thanks for the reply though, that’ll be really helpful when I finally get the hang of controlling my balloon hehe!

  5. Love the game, its unfinished, but the concept is great! I know you are working on what to add to the game right this moment, and im sorry i cant give ideas right now so i’ll just give you support for your awesome game by playing your current versions and reporting any bugs or ideas that come my way. Good Luck! 😀

    1. Thanks for playing!

      We already have a big list of things to add to the game, but we can always add more to it! Right now we’re just throwing everything we can think off on it and we’ll curate it as we go, so if anything comes to mind let us know. 🙂

  6. How can I change setting game ?
    I download for Linux
    – working on ati 9200 SE 128 MB on PCLinuxOS , LXDE
    – Shift for run not working
    – WSAD control are very slow , I want change speed.
    – sensitivity mouse is too big (is too speed),
    until my eyes hurt.

    1. I have the same experience as tele1234567891. In case it wasn’t clear:

      * WASD controls move the character exceedingly slowly. Feels like when you’re “overburdened” in an RPG only more so.
      * Holding down Shift doesn’t change anything.
      * Changing direction with the mouse, on the other hand, is very sensitive.

      There doesn’t seem to be any lag as such. The screen is able to change very quickly as evidenced by the mouse issue.

      * OS: Arch linux 64 bit
      * Mono: 2.10.8
      * Graphics driver is open source intel 2.21.5 for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
      * RAM: 8 Gb
      * CPU: 2×2.4 GHz Intel

      Also, any way to make the window fullscreen?

  7. I know some people had trouble with the hook, could you make it to where you can automatically unhook it or reel it in when it isn’t connected by pressing a button when it is selcted

  8. When i walk it’s really, really slow. Is there any way to fix this. It doesn’t really matter as i can jump around. Oh, and another thing, when i open something then close it, it doesn’t close properly. I’m really OCD so that kinda annoys me.

  9. Mine’s working the same as tele1234567891’s, shift will not work, the normal movement speed is dead slow unless I jump into the air, on Beautiful graphics I seem to be upside down, and the mouse is hyper sensitive, I’m on win xp sp3 on a compaq 6715b laptop.

  10. I have a slight question, you know those huge boxes? Heck the boxes in general? how do you move the huge ones, and put stuff in them in general? Also, the reason I know about them, is nerdcube, so I have not played, but I can’t wait to play it! =D

      1. I found that the long flat crate from the beginning is useful because when you equip it in a bottom slot(the ones under the doors ) while you are “parked” the balloon gets stuck in the level geometry.

        unless the sticking to ground happens standard…
        in that case it is a nice side weight.

  11. it’d be cool if the was some sort of item you could get that would tell you what direction you are going. sometimes it is hard to tell. maybe have the flag be affected by the wind so you can use it to tell what direction the balloon is moving in?

  12. This game is exceptionally good, but I have one problem with it. For some reason, the fog isn’t there for me. It’s invisible. It’s annoying because when I’m on a island I’ll randomly die because of fog I couldn’t see. I tried re-installing the game, and it didn’t work. Can you help?

      1. Machine name: DELL-A1F1485917
        Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.130307-0422)
        Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
        System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
        System Model: OptiPlex GX280
        BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A03
        Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
        Memory: 3062MB RAM
        Page File: 1239MB used, 3186MB available
        Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
        DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
        DX Setup Parameters: Not found
        DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode
        Don’t know if this is helpful or not, but it’s pretty much all I have.

  13. Just a tip: Never jump while you’re on the balloon in mid-air because those winds are brutal and I’ve been launched right out of the balloon several times!

  14. i love the game, amazing job! just one thing. as you update, leave old versions available for play. just so people can play there favorite version when they want to, but also keep the game up to date. just an idea, you can think about it if you want.

  15. I have a problem… When I start the game it shows me the letter and then I click on “Onwards and upwards” but it doesn’t start the game.

    1. I had the same problem, it ends up putting your mouse in the center of the window but your cursor becomes invisible, just move your mouse down and right a bit and randomly click and you should find it 🙂

          1. Yes I eventually got it working, don’t think I ever got around to posting MY solution in the massive pool that are these comments.

          2. When you download the game you get a zipped folder, inside are 3 items, two normal files, and an application, I put the application, on my desktop, and tried to play it but it said like i needed the aurora wager data next to it, so i simply put the the file titled aurorawager data next to the icon for the app. and it worked, sort of, it did the thing where the mouse disappears and nothing happens, then i moved the other file, assetbundles, next to the app.’s icon also, and it worked!

          3. Well, then we don’t have the same problem.
            I have all the files on the same place (desktop) and never had an error pop up.
            My only problem is that my mouse disappears when clicking “onwards and upwards” and music keeps playing and that’s it.
            Even waited 10 minutes one time, and nothing happened 🙁

          4. That happened to be, when i had one folder next to the app. I just moved assetbundle thing NEXT to it, the icon right next to it

          5. I don’t know if I’m stupid or what, but what do you mean by moving the assetbundles folder next to the app?
            I have everything on my desktop and all the files are on the desktop. x)

    1. Go to your downloads folder and find the file titled “TheAuroraWager_v3_win”. Then unzip the folder (ideally to your desktop) and open the new folder. In the folder you should find three items, two folders and an application. Open the application and the game should start. NOTE: the application has to be in the “TheAuroraWager_v3_win” folder in order to run.

  16. I love this game so simple I was looking for a game like this but I can’t play it for very long without it crashing and giving me a “get thread” error I have everything turned right down just dunno what it is

  17. Just tested this on Ubuntu 12.10, and it seems all colors other than the menu background are inverted. Also, it would be nice to have a configurable window size like the Windows version.

  18. Hey, this is a really awesome game and I hope you guys keep updating for a while. I do think that one of the inevitable updates should be CO-OP VS. or friendly (If I had to choose one or the other it would be friendly because of your aesthetics.)
    BUT, I must get to the main problem. I tried to start it for the first time, and I got this:
    There should be ‘The Aurora Wager_Data’
    folder next to the executable
    But… there is. That’s why I’m confused. Please help!

  19. hey great game really enjoyable. small problem on the mac is that when you lose. (i.e you get the i hate you fredrick game over screen) the cursor is invisible and cannot be moved. meaning you cannot quit the game.

    Just thought you should know 🙂

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  21. The only fix I have found so far is to change the graphics to fastest, that sorts the walkspeed at the cost of graphics, but you don’t need good graphics in such a great game.

  22. Problem:
    Walking very slow + mouse over sensitive = Unplayable

    From what I read on comments, changing the resolution will fix this, how ever I have no menu to be able to do this. On the first screen with the letter, there is a button with no text on it. When in game and press ESC, I have one button top right and one bottom left. Again without any text on. Nothing else appears. Can’t seem to find a config file to change it manually.

    I’m running the linux version on openSUSE 12.3

  23. I’m using Fedora 14. I downloaded Aurora Wager, used chmod to make the file executable and when I entered the game, there was no text on “start” button, as mentioned (also in ESC menu and after exiting game), but the introducing text was there. Example (after falling into the fog): .

    Walking is indeed slow, but I got used to the mouse sensitivity.

    Another thing was that just before the pole appeared (I was flying quite low), a massive lag I increased altitude, lag disappeared.

    And sometimes a jump is necessary to lift off.

  24. Hey i love the game and i would love to see a button 2 turn off the sound and it would be awesome if there were different balloons maybe one with a transparent floor? overall Amazing Game!

  25. Hey I would love to play this game but for some reason, the game does not load at all unless when I put it at 640×480. Even when I do that then it still doesn’t load just loads a black screen and crashes. I can’t load the game and I can’t play it. My OS is Windows.

  26. Wow! Really great game! The only issue with it is that after a while it started lagging like crazy. This only happened to me once, so I’m not to sure why it happened, but if it happens again, I’ll report back.

    Another thing I wanted to mention was I read you were planning on making it multilayer. I was just wondering how that would go or if you had any ideas for that. do you share a balloon, or each have your own… or you get to choose? Would you start together or apart? Just little things like that. if you don’t want to answer it, that’s fine.

    I really do love this game, and have been playing it quite a bit. It’s very open with room for me to explore. I look forward to the updates you’ll have in the future. Best wishes to you and your project.

  27. I ran in to a weird problem at the northpole in V3 where the winds going away from the mountain were incredibly quick, and the ones going towards it were really slow, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get any closer. My balloon also wouldn’t descend no matter how much pressure I released. When I jumped from the balloon (without the flag, because I only realised mid-flight that I may have needed it xD) I still wasn’t descending, but flying, and I could move very little. I eventually fought my way out of the air currents and down to the mountain, but had to restart because I forgot the flag (silly me). On my second playthrough, I ran into a problem with the hookshot. I hooked the balloon to an island so I could scavenge some supplies, and whilst holding a gas canister I found, I right-clicked on the “Claw” and the “item being placed” sound was heard, but I was still holding the gas canister which was no longer transparent. I then went to see if I could pick other things up and maybe continue playing with a gas canister blocking my screen the rest of the game. I picked up a small crate and then found that I couldn’t drop it again, pick anything else up, or “Use” anything to continue flying. Hope this helps you defeat the evil bugs, I had great fun playing this game despite them! Keep up the good work 😉

    i don’t know wether this is a bug or im just doing something wrong but when i boot up the game my character walks so slowly its unbearable could you tell me whats wrong?

  29. Hello,

    I have problem with starting the game – its right at the start, in the “letter” screen. When I click on the “Onwards and upwards” button, my mouse cursor disappear and nothing happens (with music still playing). Any idea why it wont start?

    Thank you.

  30. If you can develop this more and make it multiplayer so people start off all on the same island and it is a race between friends to get to the north pole then I think the game would blow up! It’s amazing already and I love it but if you got a multiplayer feature even just private then people who were seeking competition could play with their friends and enjoy it. It would make for a good YouTube series and I know it might be hard to code for the public servers but if you got that too and implemented a chat system then you could get this game to a huge standard and possibly in the future sell it for $5 or maybe more depending on how much you add. Again, it’s an amazing game and I really hope you implement this.

  31. amazing game!!!! i loved it! once i got a few things like fuel and a hook i started doing very well. tho when i had a lot of stuff and was making my way to the north pole i saw a huge cluster of wind! and well me being silly and curious, i went to have a look and then i got sucked into it and bam! it glitched hardcore. like when i move my mouse 100000000s of things would move around and appear and disappear. it was crazy! but it got me thinking, i think you should add a save game system. it would be very handy as i just lost 6 hours of effort. :3 thank you and i love the game!

  32. I have one simple suggestion- Add a inventory, carrying the items is a little cumbersome when your balloon is on the other side of the island, being able to carry a lot of stuff would make the game easyer. :3

  33. please reply to this why am i walking really slow idk if its a bug or not because sprinting doesnt seem to do anything, i downloaded it on windows so idk why i am going so slow

    1. Nothing is wrong. Keep heating it and it will go upright. Hot air balloons do that in real life too, but the balloon model in game is constantly pill-shaped so it doesn’t work EXACTLY the same, but it will work.

  34. I tried to start the game but it crashes and I can’t even play. Everything is there and should work but it doesn’t. I would appreciate the help. My OS is windows.

  35. when is v4 coming out?, also will there ever be a way to get my balloon back if i accidentally unhook the balloon while not in it. like a remote system for the launcher?

  36. I have recently downloaded the game and found out the game… needs a little work. first off this might just be me but I can’t sprint, also if you put 2 of the little boxes, like the ones you find on your ship at the beginning, together and jump on it it gets a little glitchy, lastly when I lose I don’t get my curser. now again like I said this may be just me and it might be that I’m in full screen but otherwise cool looking game I’m sure I will enjoy it

  37. Hey, I have a problem with starting the game !
    Whenever I start it up, it kind off just freezes on the “letter” screen when clicking “Onwards and upwards”.
    The music keeps playing, but my mouse disappears.

    Any help? I really wanna play 🙁

  38. I just played the game and I gotta say, this was really cool. Flying around in a hot air balloon on your way to the North Pole, making adjustments to find the right way, scavenging the islands for parts, and enjoying the sights hundreds of feet above the ground. This game was really something, and it definitely has a lot of potential if you plan to keep adding to it. But, there are a couple things this game needs/should have in my opinion.

    – A save feature. I love playing games for hours as much as the next guy, but a save feature would definitely keep me playing longer knowing I don’t have to start over everytime I get off.

    – Versus & Co-op. Not really a necessity but it would be really cool if you and a buddy could fly around together on an adventure to the North Pole. This is something I hope you can consider.

    -Weather. Also not a big must-have, but it could be quite a trip knowing you can get caught in a storm at any time.

    – And finally, smoother balloon controls. I found it a bit difficult to get off and on the ground because it felt like the gondola would get stuck on something. I don’t know what it was, but I hope it’s something that can be fixed.

    Other than all that, this game was great. I hope it continues to grow and become a major game!

    1. Oh I know! You should be able to put a bunch of items in the big crates, then push to you your balloon, it was save a lot of time trying to get stuff over to your balloon.

  39. I have this problem when i play the game (Windows 8) it sometimes crashes and saids something like context failue it happens randomly so i dont know if it is something i do wrong or anything that can be fixed…

    Please help me its a great game 😀

  40. Hi, I just downloaded Your game and spent a few hours playing it and I got a couple of ideas that I think could help improve it:

    – New items
    For example a spyglass/binoculars (so you can check islands for useful stuff without having to land or looking for a good landing spot from a distance), a rope ladder (sometimes I find it a bit difficult to get back onto the gondola after landing). Maybe even go a step further and include food and drink and add a sort of survival element. I think it would work quite well together with the whole exploration idea. Or a bunch of materials scattered around that allow you to craft your own items in addition to finding them.

    – A Balloon creator…workshop…thingie…you know what I mean…
    So you can build your own ballon with different parts that have their own statistics. For example gondolas of different shapes and sizes with different weights and stuff like that.

    – Savegames (as already mentioned before)

    Just a small list of ideas that came to my mind while playing. I really hope You keep working on this because I’m having a great deal of fun with the game already and I think it has tons of potential.

      1. I also agree and an idea to when you put a burner on the big gear thing it will boost you the way it is pointing for engage for fuel like the normal burner

  41. So I tried the Linux version, and I can’t seem to get it to work. Every time I try to run it (yes, I did set the file to executable) it crashes. I’m currently on Linux Mint 14 MATE 32 bit. It’s a shame really, because I really did want to try out your game, it looks amazing! I mean, I could use the windows version under wine, but thats very laggy…

  42. Here is some stuff I got when I ran it in the terminal:
    thehybrid-G73Jh thehybrid # cd Desktop
    thehybrid-G73Jh Desktop # cd Aurora
    thehybrid-G73Jh Aurora # chmod +x TheAuroraWager
    thehybrid-G73Jh Aurora # ./TheAuroraWager
    Set current directory to /home/thehybrid/Desktop/Aurora
    Found path: /home/thehybrid/Desktop/Aurora/TheAuroraWager
    Mono path[0] = ‘/home/thehybrid/Desktop/Aurora/TheAuroraWager_Data/Managed’
    Mono path[1] = ‘/home/thehybrid/Desktop/Aurora/TheAuroraWager_Data/Mono’
    Hope it helps.

  43. This game is a masterpiece. You made it in 7 days, and it’s amazing. The music, the atmosphere, the theme, everything is just spot on and an exploration game is a fantastic idea. If you’re still working on this game, it could be even more amazing, I really love the ideas that the guys posted up there, particularly the co-op bit and a save feature. Best of luck, you did an amazing job with The Aurora Wager 😀

  44. Thanks for fixing linux ^~^ but there is still some issues:

    -There is no way to fullscreen on linux since the little options menu that is supposed to automatically pop up before the game launches doesn’t pop up.

    -Can’t start a game, the buttons on the title screen are non responsive.

    Not sure if there is any config file I could use or anything…

  45. I love this game but you are always hoping to get close to a island and the winds always shift why not at the start you get a couple of small canisters so you can use them for small little boosters to a island

  46. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Very helpful information specifically the remaining part 🙂 I maintain such info a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

    1. I’m pretty sure Google chrome has overtaken internet explorer, and anyone who uses internet explorer is probably elderly or a student on a school computer, neither of which is able to even play games, unless you have a very Know-how senior, who would probably use a better browser…

  47. Love the game. I have some suggestions for the future:
    1. Add some sort of versus mode. where you have to race your friend to the North Pole instead of Fredrik.
    2. Add Fredrik. You should make it possible to see him on your way to the north pole (and maybe get on his ship and take his fuel :p).

  48. i think it would be nice if aboard the ship their was a manual to ho every device works also it would be fun to have online multiplayer servers where you just fly around instead of going to the north pole also when i played the game after one point all the winds stopped going above any land form instead they moved away from the land into one big wind funnel that that i could not get my self out of and i kept going in one big circle

  49. i found a bug with the hook shooter when i latched to the ground and pulled in my balloon i got off and the hook glitched threw the ground and started pulling my balloon to the next area of land with me stuck on the ground watching the balloon being tugged away

  50. Now that i look back there are many others with the problem. I play v. 4. Can you pleas add settings to adjust walk speed and look sensitivity. I played the game at a earlier version before and i just wanted the new one so i could play co-op.

  51. Love the game. The only thing that I would really like to see (not sure how difficult this would be to implement) would be a save system of some kind. I paused the game and left, when I came back there was an error message saying the game had crashed. Other than that, love it.

  52. Hey.
    I just found this game yesterday, and I already have a decent amount of hours of gametime. Excellent game.

    It has apparently been quiet on this page for a while, and I’m just wondering and hoping that you’re still developing this as it is awesome.

  53. He keeps walking so slow and I cant change the speed, and sprint doesn’t even work. (Not trying to sound mean) I cant get the balloon up off the ground (even though that’s probably my stupidity) even though im putting in the fuel stuff and everything. I really am looking forward to being able to actually play this.

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