The Reset Button – theres an experimental game here!

I sort of skimped out on the development of the reset button.  Part of the issue was moving to a different place in the middle, getting burned out on fixing a few obscure bugs, and not being able to get the internet wired up in my place.

Up and Down to switch timelines
Left and Right to view the past/future of that particular timeline, you can also click to do this.
‘c’ to chronoport, enter/space to confirm ‘c’ to cancel. Chronoport in the same place as another creature (including yourself) to frag them (basically, go to the time where a creature is in the same time as someone else).
‘a’ to do a circle attack
‘f’ to fix a timeline, this will prevent the timeline from being erased.  You can only fix timelines in which a chronoport arrives (the starting timeline doesn’t need to be fixed).
‘p’ to chronoport to a fixed timeline, you must be in the same position as the green spot that appears when you fix a timeline.  Warning, trying to create a loop with this is buggy!

Hopefully the windows version works, I tried including the proper files.  Try to compile it as shown in this tutorial:

Meanwhile I hope to start again and use the lessons learned to make an improved version of this game.  Progress has been slow however :(.

TheResetButton TheResetButton-Windows

2 thoughts on “The Reset Button – theres an experimental game here!”

  1. I wanted to try it out, I’ve made windows built which is avail here:

    Problem is, I really have no idea, what’s happening there. Could you expand a little bit on the mechanics?
    When I try to do the ‘f’, most of the time it tells me: “why waste energy on…”
    When I do ‘c’, background changes to purple, and I see i can move on the ‘timeline’ (?) using arrows, and if I press c again it seems to jump there (?)

    Is there any message if ‘p’ succeeded or not? what does it actually do?

    How can I actually “chronoport” to “the same place as another creature”?

    Would be thankful for help

    1. You have to press enter/spacebar in order to do a chronoport c. I guess enter/space to complete, ‘c’ to cancel was unintuitive. I will put this in the instructions. f for the fix is done after you chronoport. p is done after you fix (and you must stand in the green spot). For chronoporting in the same spot as another creature, move the timeline to a creature entering the purple and press enter.

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