7DRL – Unhappy Devil, Success!

I have finished my game Unhappy Devil. You can download the jar here. I used java and eclipse; no other libraries. The premise of the game is that you are a demon who is locked in an endless rogue simulation. Satan has promised to let you free if you beat the game but you can’t so you just keep trying and trying. I know that doesn’t make much sense (especially when you consider that some of the enemies are emus) but I like the idea of a demon fighting his way out of hell… maybe I’ll make a full game out of that. Now for gameplay.

In the game You are an @ who starts at a semi-random position in the map and the goal is to survive until you get to the next level. To do that you need to avoid the enemies (A-Z) until you are strong enough to take them on on your own. as you guy deeper into the dungeons the enemies become stronger and you get to choose an upgrade to better fight you foes. There is also a simple leveling system. You can also become stronger by collecting loot ( ‘]’ and ‘)’ ).  The weapons give you increased damage and the armor increases your survivability.here are some Screen shots:

Start of a level:

Start game

Mid game:

Mid game

End of a level:

End of a level

As I said previously I was trying to make the game very hard and almost like a randomized puzzle game were you have to plan your route and escape from the enemies before they kill you. I may not have achieved that because the game has massive swings in difficulty from nearly impossible to super easy and it suffers from massive slow down between turns if the enemies can’t get to you. I wanted to add a highscore tracking to the game but the challenge was nearly over and I couldn’t write to a jar file so I had to give it up. I may add it back in once I have a better grasp on file IO but for now it is not included. I hope you guys enjoy the game I had really good time programming it and will be trying to play some of your games well. Thanks for reading this!

Please post any comments bug reports or anything else you would like to say in the comments section.

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