Nya Quest – Success?

mech mice! oh noes!
mech mice! oh noes!

Well. No time for animation, audio, FoV or anything except placeholder graphics but Nya Quest is playable with win/loss conditions and all :3  Due to a late start, various social commitments, working on a board game too and losing a day to rebuilding after my computer consumed a good deal of the project it’s more like a 3 day rogue-like to be honest 😛

This is my first ever ‘released’ game in game maker (quiet you booing at the back there 😛 ) and first ever rogue-like so it was an interesting challenge as I not only learned the tools, but also my first ever implementation of BSP map generation (and a whole day wasted on FoV which i dumped as it wasn’t up to snuff)

Anyhoo, general aim of the game is to reach the bottom level (4… I could’ve added more but didn’t have time to playtest and didn’t want to stretch it out more than the content might’ve supported) and retrieve your golden yard ball.


* arrow keys to move (moving into badguys doesn’t attack :P)

* space bar to wait/attack the square you’re facing

* hold ctrl when using the arrow keys to turn on the spot (counts as a turn for mice moving/attacking)

* press ESC at any time to quit the game.


General tip is that the mice always attack first in this version so don’t hit them from the front unless you’ve got enough hearts left to take it and still make it to the stairs.

Don’t get surrounded (that never ends well) and take advantage of the fact you can turn AND move in one go while the mice are restricted to one or the other… in this game flanking is the alpha and the omega. Hiding to the side of doors to ambush stuff in the side is handy too :3

I’ve uploaded the game to this lovely site at http://7drl.org/?attachment_id=5206

P.S. this game may be brutally hard or super easy. Lemme know how you found it in the comments. It’s only 4 levels long and has 2 enemy types. Oh and you don’t get health back until you finish the level so be careful… every hit counts :3

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