7DRL Announcement: MythosRL

For your gaming pleasure is my entry in the 7DRL challenge: MythosRL, a game of Lovecraftian Horror.

Unfortunately I ran out of time before I could implement magic, sanity, and some other classic Lovecraftian tropes, but the game is a functional dungeon crawl.

The game is implemented in Java. UI elements and rudimentary functionality was implemented by Yours Truly before the challenge began.

Download the game here:Ā http://7drl.org/?attachment_id=5314

UPDATE: The post-7DRL cleanup version is available here:Ā http://7drl.org/attachment_id=5580

3 thoughts on “7DRL Announcement: MythosRL”

  1. wow, i’ve tried few times, but I die A LOT in this. HP somewhere on main screen would be helpful.
    Not sure if that’s intentional, but there’s something strange with spawn system, if you leave the ‘room’, enter next one, and will go back, most usually there will be new monsters there.

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

        The spawn system is intentional. When entering most rooms for the first time 2 to 5 monsters will spawn. After that up to 2 more will spawn, with a maximum of 6 live monsters in the room. In hindsight, I probably should shuffle the monsters around so that if a Star Spawn chased you out of the room it won’t be waiting right outside the door when you return.

        My original intent was to improve the UI, but I ran out of time. Pressing the tab key was going to toggle through a couple different UI layouts; adding the ‘@’ command was simply a time-saver. Various commands, especially grab and drop, did not get fully implemented.

        A few tips on staying alive:

        1) The Sheriff carries a better gun than what you start out with (longer range, way more damage, but slow to reload), so if you kill him you can loot his corpse. Neutral characters don’t turn hostile, so he won’t retaliate.

        2) Don’t waste precious ammo on the Rat Things. They are hard to hit but are relatively harmless, so kill them in melee with your pocket knife, cavalry saber, or even an empty revolver.

        3) More than one of the items you find in the dungeon are multi-purpose, so try equipping them in various slots or ‘u’sing them.

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