7DRL Success : Depths of Tuzua MMO

I didn’t think we would, but we managed to finish our multiplayer rogue like on time.

You can play Depths of Tuzua here :
Play Depths of Tuzua

Of course the time limit played against us and we didn’t have the time to implement the hardcore features we thought about. We didn’t even have the time to develop a stuff system. But still, the game exists and is playable, that’s something.


The little cooldown when you move is there to emulate a turn based aspect. The red stairs are to go down and the green stairs are to go up. You can use WASD or the arrow keys and 1, 2, 3 to drink potions.

We hope you will like the game. Maybe we’ll expand it if we get a good feedback, it was fun doing it anyways !

Author: StormAlligator

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