7DRL Success: Uushuvud

A rough Windows only version of Uushuvud is complete. You can download it here. I hope, I hope, I hope that it will run on your machine.

In Uushuvud, you have mysteriously been transported into another world called Uushuvud, where your head has mysteriously been transformed into an ‘@’ symbol. You must attempt to survive long enough to find out what’s going on and how you might be able to get your head back to normal and get home.


Keypad/Arrow Keys: Move or attack adjacent enemies
P: Pick up items
R: Read books
H: Use health potion (restores 20 HP)
T: Use teleport potion (randomly teleports you somewhere within a ~60 cell x ~60 cell square area around your current location)
E: Use explode potion (hits all enemies within 5 cells of your location with fire)
X: End level (only valid in “end-of-level” temple (a big room with a small room inside with a lighter floor color))
Q: Quit (no confirmation dialog at all; this will immediately close the program)

Known issues:

  • Swords appear as black squares. I haven’t been able to figure out why.
  • When you die, the program instantly closes. There is no “You died! Sorry!” screen or anything.
  • The enemies get stuck on rocks and walls easily.
  • The game is a little hard. This is a feature, not a bug. It’s a roguelike.


  • Don’t accidentally press ‘Q’. You will lose your progress.
  • Pick up every potion in a level before travelling to the next one. This is especially true on early levels where the situation isn’t very dangerous. You will need those potions later.
  • The number printed before weapons and armor is the level of the item, not a quantity. I know it looks weird, but whatever…
  • If you pick up a weapon or armor, you will discard your current weapon or armor. It is gone forever, so don’t pick up equipment that’s worse than what you already have.
  • Try to avoid using explode potions on single enemies. The ability to attack multiple nearby enemies at once is valuable. Try to lure them together.
  • The enemies get stuck on rocks and walls easily. You can use this fact to help you escape when running low on HP and potions.
  • Beware of Gaums.
  • Spears and axes are generally the best weapons, followed by swords and maces, then clubs, and finally daggers. However, when choosing which weapon to use, also consider the weapon’s level. A 12 Dagger is better than a 1 Spear.
  • Armor from worst to best: Leather, Iron, Steel, Tempered Steel, Perfect Steel
  • Seriously, beware of Gaums. They are mean.
  • When you level up, your HP increases and is restored to its maximum. Watch your EXP and consider whether health potions might be saved until after you level up.
  • For that matter, keep an eye on your HP at all times.
  • Have I mentioned to beware of Gaums?
  • Good luck!

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