Alchemy: 7DRL Success

I’m pleased to announce that Alchemy was successfully completed. It’s a fairly “classic” style roguelike. You play as an alchemist, and the gameplay revolves around discovering ingredients, crafting potions and exploiting their effects as you descend through ten levels of terrifying dungeons in your search for the Philosopher’s Stone. More details below.

2013-03-17 Final 7DRL screenshot

 You can download the game as a runnable jar file here:

You should be able to run it either by double-clicking or running the command “java -jar alchemy.jar”. Requires Java 1.6 or above.

Notable features:

  • A potion crafting system. Use analysis labs to identify the ingredients required for your potions, and find other apparatus to enable you to manufacture them.
  • Potions have all kinds of strange and wonderful effects. Learning how to exploit these is key to victory. Effects can be instantaneous, temporary or permanent.
  • A homage to classic roguelike gameplay. Explore random dungeons, kill monsters, find powerful items, escape with ancient treasure. What more does a game need?
  • From a technical perspective, it is interesting because the game is written in Clojure, in a purely functional programming style. The entire game state is an immutable persistent data structure.

For those interested in the code, it is all online at Github:

Also, I have blogged in more detail about the details of the development process on my “Creative Clojure” blog:


5 thoughts on “Alchemy: 7DRL Success”

  1. The game sounds fun from description. But… I carefully explored several levels. 5 or even more. I have 3 pages of potions and 5 pages of ingredients. But I haven’t found analyzer! I’ve seen torture something… Several times.
    The game ‘alchemy’ that doesn’t use alchemy for multiple levels is strange.
    Then comes duration of confusion. It is sooo long that it is way too boring to wait for it’s expiration by carefully waiting. I died while holding wait button…
    Some kind of autorunning would help too.
    Another issue is keypad. It is somehow inverted, except for 4 and 6.

    1. Cool thanks for the comments! I think I’m going to release a version 0.0.2 with many of the usability points addressed.

      As for the analysis labs – this is luck dependent. I deliberately made them not-too-frequent so that it sometimes forces you to dive a couple of levels deeper to find one. Maybe there should be more, but I didn’t want to make the game *too* easy….

  2. I’ve seen many [a]lchemy and [c]onstruction tables (dunno how it was called?). But I agree some autoexplore or mouse control would really be beneficial. Also it doesn’t seem to be coffebreak roguelike so save/load would help a lot.

    1. Yep good idea…. will see if I can get these features in a usability release in the next few days. Didn’t have time in the 7DRL itself.

      You are right it is not quite coffeebreak, but can reasonably be completed in 30-45mins or therabouts (I’ve managed to win once so far!)

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