BURDER Failed, With Feeling


Hi! I didn’t expect to finish everything I had planned for BURDER, but it comes out of its week of development with even less than I’d hoped. The main reason is that I simply didn’t have enough time–I had to work six days out of the week, leaving me with very little time for the game. Also, for the sake of an external excuse for the game’s lack of progress, I made the huge mistake of switching to Unity 4 just in time for this jam, which made me waste a lot of time battling engine bugs and trying to get up to speed on the changes. Oops!

So, the game’s a failure as a 7DRL, but I’m still excited about its future. I think the game design, which is a combination of Pokemon Snap and the topdown levels from Contra 3, is pretty focused and should turn into a pretty fun and funny game if I give it a few more weeks. I can’t wait! If you’re interested in the game as it is–basically a trivially-easy, incomplete SHMUP–then you can play it online right here. It’s been fun! See you next year.

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