Mosaic complete! Grab your tiles and raise your batons…

Mosaic is successfully complete! And it’s everything I wanted it to be 😀 You lay down tiles with your movements, and enclosing areas fills them in with tiles, killing enemies within. In the last hours I managed to cobble together a procedural music engine that generates sounds based one the position of mosaic tiles on the map – AND IT SOUNDS AMAZING! Maybe I’m skewed because I thought it would sound awful, especially since I know nothing of audio or music theory…

More details and the downloads for Windows/Mac/Linux. Hover over the ‘?‘ in-game for detailed instructions, or look at the spoilers in the Escape menu for more details.

Too lazy to download? Okay, here’s a video:

Author: darrengrey

Host of Roguelike Radio, maker of small tactical roguelikes, writer for many games.

4 thoughts on “Mosaic complete! Grab your tiles and raise your batons…”

  1. What an interesting and cool game. Love the sound, really funky. I’ve always found procedurally generated music interesting. It’s definitely something I want to explore myself, and your game is very inspiring. Nicely done.

  2. Maybe I am doing something dumb but I cannot get the sound to work. Any ideas? Tome 4 sound works fine (but I downloaded the game with the t-engine bundled together).

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