Operation Roboid #7DRL Edition – Success?

RogueLike Line of Sight
RogueLike Line of Sight

Probably not a mega success. It needs a little more work to make it fun. (I started two days late, so it’s my bad.)

But the dungeon generation works, the enemies have AI, and I’m very happy with the new RogueLike line of sight view-culling stuff.

I’m also very pleased with the way you can seamlessly zoom between full-3D view and classic RogueLike view.

I’m calling it mostly successful, and will upgrade that opinion when it’s a bit more fun.

The actual game I am making will be more like this:


Things added in the last two days:

Random map generation.

Enemy Attack and evade AI.

Rogue-Like Line-of-Sight culling.

Seamless zooming between classic and full 3D view.

Download day 7’s build here – Operation_Roboid_7DRL

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