RogueAI Fail/Semi-fail

Well that was fun. 🙂

I nearly made it – Some reasonable AI is in, items are in, effects work (lasers, bullets, plasma are good although I could have put a few more details in it), 21 levels and fighting and a few skills have been added. It’s playable but it sort of falls over at about level 21 (there is no end unless you die). The plan was to make the player fight all the way down the tower again through the army and mecha and stuff but I sort of ran out of time.

The story is a bit derivative (was working on it on the 7th day) and it’s all pretty unbalanced. I could probably do with a designer/editor to make balanced content/write some good dialog, I was much more at ease working on the mechanics.

I wanted to go the way of Crawl/Tome4/Diablo and put some prefix/suffixes on weapons and armour, but the 7 days was definitely not enough time to get it done. The mechanics are there to do it but I just didn’t get around to adding the numbers to make it happen.

I did have some fun with the perspective – I made it in Unity and made it from 3D blocks, so the perspective can be changed with the push of a button (spacebar). I really liked the Orthographic camera setting from a 30 degree angle, My next game will probably be fixed at that angle. Also explosions are volumetric but I didn’t get them all added to the correct effects. All in all I learnt a lot doing it which I think was the main thing for me.

Congrats to everyone that finished their projects!

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